Friday Notes

February 2-6

A Tale of Two Brains

This past week I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Ruby Payne about poverty in schools. In the state of Georgia and nationwide-one in two children are currently living in poverty. Although I have seen many presentation about this subject, one part of this presentation really captured my interest. In the past, the discussions have focused primarily on the lack of resources and their negative impacts on students from poverty.

However, Dr. Payne used her time with us to discuss the impact poverty has on brain development with a primary emphasis on what poverty is doing to our boys. She used a great video by Dr. Mark Gungor about the innate differences between the male and female brain as a starting point and then shared how poverty affects boys' ability to store short term memory into long term knowledge.

Because males typically compartmentalize their ideas, they have difficulty tying the new concepts to previously learned information normally. Boys who live in poverty tend to have even more difficulty because of how significantly the external environment impacts their physical, mental and emotional health. This is one of the primary reasons gaming is becoming so important in schools. Gaming connects previously learned knowledge with new knowledge and helps to move the information from short term to long term memory.

Take a few minutes to watch this short video -A Tale of Two Brains I promise it will be some of the funniest minutes you've spent this week.

I hope it will be a quick reminder for you the next time your boys are driving you a little crazy that their brains work a little differently than the girls.'s a great video to share with your hubbys and boyfriends!

This Week's Events

Pledge Duty: Luker

Specials Rotation: STEM K-5

French Toast for Families and Book Fair All Week

Monday February 2

**Go Far Training with Lynn Skinner and Paula Baker in the downstairs computer lab during your specials block this is for all grade levels

Tuesday February 3

**Strategic Planning for Principals at Werz 8:00-4:00 pm

Wednesday February 4

Thursday February 5

Friday February 6

**Arts Now Training 8:00-3:30 at Centre (Cofer, Huey, Hulsey, Chesser, jarrard, Luker, Owens, Seymour, Camp, Garn, Miller, Nicolls, Brooks, Hill, Copeland, Spence, Ward, Todd, Bonner, Stewart, Millican, Davenport, Frederick)

Coweta Ed Twitter Chat

Connect with Coweta Educators every Sunday from 8:00-9:00 pm for our system Twitter chat. Topics have included technology integration, STEM, student engagement, teacher leadership, and much more. If you would like to learn more about how you can expand your personal professional learning network through Twitter, please just let me know. we have some Twitter Gurus who would be happy to share.

Upcoming Events

February 10 Northgate Math Team to visit first and fourth grades

February 11 Principal's meeting 9:00 am (Raschen)

February 12 Academic Bowl Meet

February 13 First Grade In School Field Trip with GYSTC

February 16-20 Winter Break

February 26 AP Professional Learning 10:00-11:30 am (Harrison)

February 27-28 Leadership Training (Raschen)

March 5 Academic Bowl Finals Ithica Elementary

March 13 Kindergarten In school field trip with GYSTC

March 18 Milestones Training (Harrison)

March 20 PTSO Spring Fling

March 23 Spring Arts Show

March 31 School Council Meeting, Chick Fil A Spirit Night

April 3 Fifth Grade Immunity Lesson

April 6-10 Spring Break

April 20-30 Milestones Window

April 28 Starlight Skate Night

May 4 Fifth Grade Presents Peter Pan

May 8 GKIDs window closes

May 15 4th Grade Wax Museum

May 18 Slip N Sliding into Summer

Brooks Academic Team

Super proud of our Brooks Academic Team for taking fourth place in their meet this week! What an amazing group of young men and two fabulous coaches!!!!
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