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5th Grade Weekly Classroom Newsletter - Nov. 17 - Nov. 21

Blue Ribbon Contest Winners!!!

Dear Parents,

We'd like to congratulate our winners for being 2014 Master Challenge student winner in the Elementary School category for the Study Island Blue Ribbon contest is a student at our school!!!

George Wen earned 231 Blue Ribbons during the month of October. As the grand prize winner, George wins a $100 Amazon gift card from Edmentum. As the first place winner for our school, he also wins a $50 Amazon gift card and 4 (60 minutes) Jump Passes from Sky Zone of Roswell. Congratulations to George, not just for being our school winner, but also for winning amongst ALL elementary school participants!!!!

Nishanth Chandran earned 166 Blue Ribbons. Nishanth wins a $30 Amazon gift card and 1 (60 minutes) Jump Pass from Sky Zone of Roswell.

We are also pleased to announce that our school received two recognitions, the Outstanding Student Achievement Award (for having 10 or more students finish in the top 200) and the Blue Ribbon Club (for having a school average of 12 or more Blue Ribbons per student)!!!

Congratulations to our individual winners and we’d like to thank all students who participated for your hard work to earn two awards for our school!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Fifth Grade Teachers

Fifth Grade's Curriculum Corner


Study Island

I have some assignments on Study Island. Please make sure your child completes 30 questions on each assignment and demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more.

6th Grade Math

Check Up 2 paper from Thursday, 11/13 will be sent home on Monday,11/17. Please send the paper with your signature.

Next week, we will be wrapping up our unit. Study guide was handed out today and will be collected on Wednesday, 11/19. It is also available on FSA portal-class resources page. Our Unit 2 Test will take place on Thursday, November 20th.

5th Grade Math

Chapter 4 Quiz paper from yesterday has been sent home today. Please send the test paper with your signature on Monday.

Next week
, Mrs. Ozkan's Math Geniuses will learn how to generate two numerical patterns using two given rules. They will also identify apparent relationships between corresponding terms and form ordered pairs consisting of corresponding terms from the two patterns, and graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

Mrs. Ozkan's Math Geniuses were assigned a project on Thursday,11/6 and it is due on Thursday, 11/20. You can see some sample project pictures on FSA portal - class resources. Please let me know if you can't access the documents on the class resources page.


The Scholastic Bookfair is coming November 17-21!

Here is a link for more information:

5th & 6th grade Reading classes:

Next week, we will continue to read "Behind Rebel Lines" by Seymour Reit. Students will be completing comprehension and vocab packets each week as we read the novel. These will be divided up by chapters and will be due every Friday, unless otherwise noted. Reading logs will be due on Friday next week. Comprehension and Vocab packets are also due Friday. The packets are located on "Class Resources" if your student lost it. All classes will have a comprehension and vocabulary quiz over chapters 4-10 on Thursday, November 20.

Students need their own copy of the novel "Behind Rebel Lines." I only have a few extra copies for students to use in class, but sometimes. they have to finish for homework.

Book- Online version:

Study Island

I have added assignments on Study Island for students to practice their reading skills. Please make sure your student demonstrates a mastery of 70% or more.

Class Resource Page
If your student is missing an assignment or needs to print off a lost one, please refer to the class resource page on the school's portal through the school website.
**For the interactive notebook, the file was too big; therefore, it will not open. If your student is missing a specific page, please let me know, and I will send a separate e-mail.

Developmental Reading Assessment

Throughout this semester, we have been using the Development Reading Assessments (DRA) in first period to help establish students' reading levels and to monitor reading progress throughout the year. For more information, you can visit


This month is a new Scholastic Reading Club month! November 28 is the last day to send in any Scholastic book orders. Please use either exact cash or a check written out to Scholastic Reading Club.

The class code for ordering Scholastic books is : NF78L


Next week in Social Studies we will be presenting our "Memory Box" projects on Monday, November 17th. Many students have been given extra copies of the requirements and I have been answering questions everyday. I would like to take a moment to stress that this is not a "Time Capsule" project. Each item that they include needs to hold significance to the soldier they are pretending to be when they present to the class. They need to tell a story about their time at battle through these objects. I've let the students know many times that this project requires more research than they realize. Everything needs to be true to the Civil War era.

We will have a vocabulary quiz on Thursday, November 20th. The words the students need to study are: Transcontinental, Prejudice, Exodusters, Drought, Sodbuster, Demand, Supply, Reservation, Assimilate, Extinct.

Our field trip to the Train Museum was wonderful. The students learned a lot regarding civil rights and how different life was during this time period. They will be learning more about this in the coming weeks as it is a unit of study in our text book. We will definitely be looking back on this trip and recalling information when we begin discussing this in class.

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Next week we will take a test on Friday. Test will be about Matter, Physical change, and Chemical change. Students are given a study guide on Friday. Study guide is due Wednesday. Answers will be available on class resources on Wednesday.

Home Visit Program at FSAES

As part of FSAES Home Visit Program, teachers visit students and parents at their home.

Overall goal of home visit is to help strengthen relationships between parents, students and teachers and inform parents & students on how much they care.

We would LOVE to visit our students at home at your convenience.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at or FSAES Home Visit Coordinator Ms. Mingus at