Clear Sky Magazine

Edition 9: June 7, 2015

Jay Shawana is at it again!

This is his third appearance in our magazine and he keeps improving his health and fitness using our 5K Runner app!

Jay writes:

"Just wanted to share that I recently ran my first official 5k a couple weeks back and I am extremely happy with my results!! Out of 2,700+ participants I finished 99th overall and 9th in my age group (30-34)!! I am proud of myself for just completing the race and it all started with 5k Runner! I am also so excited that I got to run my first 5k with my family as well!"

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What Our Users Are Saying About Our Apps

"On 1st March I decided it was time to try running again. It was hard; I had to start from scratch again and it hurt. But your app had the right balance between easing me in gently and providing the motivation I needed. I encourage anyone to try this app if they want to start running, it really does start at square one. Thanks again!"

- Jodie Calvert (5K Runner, Facebook)

"This app is so great I couldn't sleep before but now I'm in bed and pass out. What a wonderful thing this is! They should make more of these type of apps and I'm getting better grades in school thanks to this app! #awesomeness"

- Ashley Liston (Sleep Pillow, support)

"I am 60lbs overweight and just had a baby via c-section and I finished a 5k 9 weeks after having my baby! I used the app and just continued to walk/run and finished in plenty of time, so thank you!"

- Rebecca Jazmines (5K Runner, Facebook)

"This app took me from a person who was unable to run 5 mins straight to a person who can run 13 miles. I have never been able to call myself a runner but these series of apps helped me get there."

- Jackie MN (21K Runner, App Store)

"When I started the training, I never thought I would end up running a 5k on a daily basis. Thank you 5k runner app team"

- Gerald Palomares (5K Runner, Facebook)

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