SPS Pre-Primary Newsletter

Term 1

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Dear Parents/Carers

It is so heart-warming to see how happy and content the children are at our Pre-Primary. They have settled into their routines well and are making good friendships. I would like to thank you for all your positive enthusiasm, in getting your child ready for the school year. I know that 2016 will bring us more happiness and I look forward to an exciting term, where I can guide your little treasures as they grow and learn more.


Wk 3, Tuesday 16th February at 5:30 - Parent Information Night in the Pre-primary classroom.
Wk 5, Friday 4th March - School Development Day. no attendance.
Wk 7, Monday 7th March - Labour Day, no attendance.
Wk 8-9, 25th -29th March - Easter Holidays, no attendance
Wk 10, Monday 4th April - Learning Journey and Edu Dance Concert at 6pm

Morning Routine

We open our door each morning at 8.35. To promote independence, please allow your child to place their belongings in the correct places. The children have their morning work on their desks to help settle them, this will be a review of a concept they have learned previously. The bell will ring 10 minutes later for pack away. Please say your goodbyes within this time so that we can have a happy and smooth transition for the start of the day.

Recess & Lunch

This term in Health we are exploring 'Contributing to Healthy and Active Communities'. The children will be discussing and comparing what they eat and how they can make healthy choices. It would be advantageous if you could have conversations and involve your child in selecting their recess and lunch.

We would encourage a piece of fruit, vegetables such as capsicum, celery, snow peas, carrot sticks etc., dried fruit, cubed cheese, plain crackers or plain popcorn. Yogurt, dips, pasta, rice, wraps, sandwiches and left-overs too, for an example.

There are many great ideas on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=healthy school lunchboxes, that will tempt the fussiest eater :)

Parent information Night

This is a great opportunity to come and make contact, meet the other parents and get an in-depth view of the philosophies and workings of our classroom. Looking forward to seeing you at the Parent Information Night, if you are unable to attend please see me for the notes.

Thank you

Thank you for your on-going support, it is a pleasure to have your beautiful children in our class and I look forward to working with you all, throughout the year.

Please remember to hand in the Edu Dance payments, as this starts in Week 3. This dance program teaches the children valuable skills, as well as having heaps of fun!

Also please return the Student Information Form to me at your earliest convenience, thank you.

If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to organise a time to meet with me.

Warm regards

Molly Burfield
Classroom Teacher