Newsletter #2

February 2016

Welcome to the Peace Corps Preparatory Program newsletter!

In our newsletters, we post information that we believe is pertinent to the Peace Corps Preparatory Program and that will complement your learning experience as you prepare for the Peace Corps. The newsletter includes: Highlights of current Knox Peace Corps Volunteers, future campus events relevant to the program, recaps of past events and more!

Peace Corps Volunteer Highlight: Tom Courtright '14

Recent graduate, Tom Courtright, is working as a Community Health Empowerment Volunteer in Fiji. He moved to his site on September 4th, 2014 to work at a primary school in western Viti Levu.

Follow his journey on his blog:

Find out: What do Fijians think of public dancing?

and When does one appropriately shout out "Bula"?

RPCV Knox Alumn Jeff Wozencraft has library named after him in his host community

On January 20th, 2016, the Community Library in XXX innaugurated the library and named the library after Knox alumn Jeff Wozencraft. Jeff wrote on his Facebook wall: "Extremely honored by this. The group I worked with in Cape Verde is naming a community library after me. They're doing amazing things in Cape Verde. Thanks Associação Ambiental Caretta Caretta! Wish I could be there. Obrigado a tudu nhos la. Nu sta sempre djuntu" Jeff asks Facebook users to "Like" the Association's Facebook page.

Knox Revamps, Modernizes Peace Corps Prep Program

Knox College, the first college in the country to have an official Peace Corps Preparatory Program, is revamping and relaunching the program to address some changes in the Peace Corps.

This revamp was a result of feedback from returning alumni, as well as changes in the Peace Corps application process. The new program offers specialization in six sectors: education, health, environment, agriculture, youth in development and community economic development. Offering training in all six of these areas is rare at a school of Knox's size. Prep students will also be assigned one of four advisors: Daniel Beers, Nancy Eberhardt, Steven Cohn, or Robin Ragan.

In order to continue our strong acceptance rates, the program has adapted to address changes to the Peace Corps application process. These changes mean that applicants can now apply to work in specific parts of the world. Before this change, applicants found out where they would be placed much later in the process. This change has resulted in the highest number of applicants to the Peace Corps in 22 years, meaning competition for slots has risen dramatically.

Read more about the Revamp here and here

Upcoming Lecture on International Education

"Working in International Education" by Erin McIntee

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 4pm

Alumni Hall, Galesburg, IL, United States

Galesburg, IL

Erin graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Creative Advertising with a specialization in Art Direction and Design. While completing her undergraduate degree, Erin studied indigenous issues in Australia through the University of New South Wales and became passionate about social justice and change. She pursued these passions after graduation, coordinating post-secondary prep programs for low-income high school students in Washington, DC through the Americorps *VISTA program before her international interests led her to a career in international education. In the past ten years, Erin has coordinated service-learning programs in Peru, Mexico and India, as well as put her design and travel experience to work with a sustainable travel start-up based in Santa Barbara, California. She now calls Chicago home and uses her own international experiences to help facilitate study abroad programs for university students in the US.

Upcoming Event: Global Learning Retreat

"Navigating the Intersections"

Friday, April 8th, 4pm to Saturday, April 9th, 8pm

Knox College

The Global Learning Retreat offers students the opportunity to learn about global citizenship and to reflect upon their own experience in the context of our increasing globalized world. Through the theme "Navigating the Intersections", students will consider how culture, nationality, citizenship, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and other identities shape people's experiences around the world. Students will gain exposure to resources for continuing their awareness of social justice in the global context and explore ways to affect change as global citizens. Students will learn through shared personal experiences, facilitated workshops and reflections, intercultural communication discussions with faculty and staff experts, and other participatory activities. Sessions are designed to focus on at least one of the retreat's learning outcomes.

The GLR is an annual collaboration between Augustana College and Knox College that is currently in its second year. GLR 2016 will be held at Knox College.

*If you have any additional questions please email Travis Greenlee at

Upcoming Event: Work that Matters

Work that Matters-annual conference

Thursday, April 14th, 4pm

Knox College

"Work that Matters" is an annual conference featuring organizations whose have a mission-driven focus. The conference always features the Peace Corps. This year City Year will attend, as well as the Diplomate in Residence for the U.S. Department of State, Robert Neus. Teach for America has been invited and we are awaiting their reply.

Homecoming 2015- Peace Corps Alumni Return

Homecoming 2015 brought many Knox alumni back to campus, among which were three Peace Corps participants: Celestina Agyekum '12, Samantha Claypool Temple '11 and Catherine "Kiki" Cohen '13.

Roughly eight years ago, Knox College was the first college to participate in the Peace Corps Preparatory Program. Through this program, these three Knox alumni gained interest in working with the Peace Corps.

Agyekum spent her time in Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa and Temple worked in Magagura, a small village in Tanzania. Cohen, who was assigned to Armenia said that her involvement in the Peace Corps was influenced by her study abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain.

"The purpose of Peace Corps is to integrate yourself within a community. It's about making a home in a foreign place," said Temple.

While it took some time to adjust to their new setting, all three participants agree that they felt they were able to commit their time in their respective countries making an impact on their communities.

Katiannah Stemple invited to serve in Morocco

Congratulate her when you see her!

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