Bubonic Plague

AKA The Black Death

Background Info

The Bubonic Plague brought major trouble in Europe during the mid-1300. It nearly killed 1/3 of the population of Europe and doctors had no idea on what caused it, how it spread, and how it could be cured. At this tme, it was known as the Black Death due to it's symptoms

What Is It?

Bubonic plague is a fatal infection caused by the Bacterium Yersina Pestis. This Pestis are found primarily in wild rodents.

How it Attacks/How it Affected the Population.

After being transmitted from the bite of an infected flea, the Y. pestis bacteria become localized in an inflamed lymph node where they begin reproduce. During the 1300's, they dint have the technology and the knowledge to find a cure for this virus. therefore, millions of deaths occurred throughout Europe.

is it Dangerous? Where is it found?

this virus is extremely dangerous due to the fact that it killed more than 70 million Europeans. if not treated in a couple of days, it can be fatal and lethal.

this Virus are found in small rodents as mentioned before. also a huge part that plays in this virus is a place with high sanitation.

Some Interesting Facts.

The first named victims of the plague died in 1338 and 1339 in the area around Lake Lake Baikal in Russia.

Many doctors believed that bad smells could drive out the plague. As a result, some of the treatment for the disease included dung and urine.