Treecko's & Mudkip's Adventures

The Adventures

Our Story

Our story begins with two Pokémon: Treecko and Mudkip. These two PokéPals have shared many amazing adventures in the Pokémon World; being a Pokémon Detective, a Pokémon Explorer, a Pokémon Trainer/ Breeder and Architect are just one of many of the fun times they have done together!

Let's turn back time - the day when it all happened, started, began... It was Treecko's and Mudkip's very FIRST adventure together...

Prologue (Treecko's POV)

I lived in the forest near Mt.Chimney. It was dangerous staying near an active volcano but my father Sceptile, a gardener, had to grow his berries on that wonderfully fertilized soil. For the past 10 years that I have lived, that volcano never blow. And so I made lots of grass-types and fire-types friends as they were the only species who live near volcanoes. Living with a father and two younger brothers, having tons of friends, being happy every day - I thought my life was perfect - but that was until Team Magma ruined it all...

On that fateful night, I saw my father and brother being taken away from me... My friends, my neighbourhood, everything was burnt by those wretched Team Magma. They ate all our crops, locked up all my family and friends and sent them away... Why? Why was I the only one who managed to squeeze through those metal bars on time? If only I could have at least pushed my younger brothers out first... Now, I am all alone and I could not help but blame myself for not being able to save my family and friends... I stood and watched in silent misery - the horrifying scene that was left by Team Magma - all crumbling into pieces, just like my perfect life...

Prologue (Mudkip's POV)

It was dinner. Everyone was chomping down on the food happily when there was a loud knock on the door. I thought it must be a visitor but to my astonishment, it was Team Aqua! Being armed with weapons, no one dared to face them as they raided our home. Everything was destroyed and the underwater chamber started to collapse. I tried to swim as fast as I could and fled what I would like to consider a near-death experience. My parents were killed on that moonless night and because of that, I developed a trauma of dark places. You can say that I am claustrophobic and that I am a coward but having experience that at a young age, it is inevitable to develop such phobia.

Ever since then, I spent less time with my friends because I can't go exploring caves like we used to. Although exploring caves used to be our favourite activity, my friends rarely go exploring because of me. Instead, we spend most of our time visiting each other's home and staying indoors. I felt bad after that and decided to go leave Sootopolis City.

The unfortunate incident made me realize something. It made me realize that I had a dream... and that was my long lost dream of travelling...

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Chapter 1: The Meeting (Treecko's POV)

I run as fast as I can, away from that tragic place... I never want to look back; I am afraid that when I do - it will still be there... Soon, I find myself stopping in front of the fiery path. A grass-type like me will never make it across. I stand there, feeling hopeless and completely lost... No, I can't feel this way! I must face this bravely! I inhale deeply and with all my speed, I dash through that magma-hot path. At the very last few metres, the pain in my feet becomes too hot to bear! Without hesitation, I leaped forward - out of the path, into the sand that smells like a burnt berry! Yes, that fiery path was hot; but this sand is hot as well... Being under the scorching sun for almost eternity, I feel that the sand must be feeling as miserable as me... Both of us have nothing - no family, friends, or a home... I wiped my tears and continue trudging through the hot - no, I mean warm sand with my badly burnt feet...

Soon, I spot some buildings through the desert horizon. I sigh in relief, thinking that it will all be over soon. My feet are in tremendous pain... I can barely move anymore... I know I have to get to a Pokémon center before my feet becomes totally useless. I took another step - without knowing it is my last... Soon, my legs become feeble like jelly and I faint from exhaustion...

"Hey! Wake up! Are you okay?" a voice sound through my head. My eyes open slowly and to my surprise, I am facing a Pokémon that I have never seen before in my life! It is short and blue, has four legs and two oddly shaped orange cheeks! Moreover, it has a large fin on top of its head! What kind of Pokémon is that? I wonder...

Chapter 2: A New Beginning (Mudkip's POV)

"Boy, am I glad to see you alive! You were not responding and I got worried..." I said, flashing a smile at him. The Pokémon, which I recognize as a Treecko, stared at me and raised an eyebrow, "What kind of Pokémon are you?" he asked.

Hearing this coming from a Treecko, I was speechless. How can a Treecko not know what a Mudkip is? Unless... he is not from around here...

Scratching my head in embarrassment, I replied, "Sorry for the late introduction. I'm Mudkip and I come from Sootopolis City, but you know, it's quite rare for a Treecko like you to not know what Pokémon am I. Since we are starters of Hoenn you know..." Suddenly, there was a moment of silence. Trying to relief my curiosity, I mustered up enough courage and finally asked, "By any chance, are you from the rural areas of Fallarbor?"

Treecko shot me a quizzical look. "Yes... around Mt.Chimney... I used to have a family there..." He replied with misery written on his face. I didn't know how to comfort him. The tragedy at Mt. Chimney in 1999 was a nightmare. Everyone knew about it, but no one wanted to speak about it. It was considered a taboo in most cities because of the mass number of deaths and casualties. Only a few survivors came to tell the story of the massacre and left - never to be seen again - and this guy is telling me that he is from Mt. Chimney? How can that be possible? This guy must be a liar, I don't trust him...
I still should help him though, he looks like he is in a lot of pain. "So do you have a place to stay?" Argh! Why did I say that? Stupid, stupid, stupid. If he says no, then he'll take refuge at my place right? And then who knows what could happen. He is grass type so he can easily knock me out whenever he wants to and I would be... *Gulp*

"Well, of course I don't have a place to stay. I'm new to this city as you know and if you would be so kind as to take me in as a refugee, I would be more than grateful."

Great... How can I reject him? Those eyes... they remind me of someone. A feeling of nostalgia came rushing back to me as I sat down on my chair. "Alright, you can stay with me. However, on one condition: work with me.

Chapter 3: Poképrofs (Mudkip's POV)

"Welcome to my base!" I said gleefully to Treecko, giving him a warm greeting so as to ease the tension in the air. I was still not adjusted to the fact that he is a Treecko; and from Mt. Chimney at that. How can I buy that?

"So what exactly are you? A scientist?" Treecko asked with a cold glare.

I scratched my head. "Well... that's close... but not really, I'm more of a self-employed researcher. I study chemicals and make some kind of potions that I'm not even all that aware myself. Hey Treecko, can you be my partner-in-hand?" I reached out to him, holding out my front fin.

"Pfft! What's with that fin? Are we supposed to shake hands like agreeing on some business deal?" Treecko smirked then added, "Not interested, water-type."

I stared at him blankly, speechless. Then he looked at me, "Well I guess on second thought, I don't mind." Immediately, I flashed him a smile. "Yeah, I remembered. I've made with a deal with a hobo." Treecko paused then silently murmured, "Oh, that deal..."

"So what shall we name our top secret research group as?" I wondered, while scratching my chin in deep thought.

"How about Poképrofs?" Treecko suggested.

"Uh... that's seems like a great name! Alrighty then, let's get to work, Poképrofs!" I exclaimed excitedly. I can't wait for this brand new study to begin!

Chapter 4: The Stranger (Treecko's POV)

Without much thought, I joined that Mudkip's group. What was it called again? Right. Poképrofs. To be honest, I just made that up on the spot. Anyways, I don't even think I have the qualifications to be a researcher, let alone join a research club. But it seems that I don't have much choice. This job might lead me to uncover the mysteries of Team Magma... Why they burned my village down? Why they brutally hurt and kidnapped my family?

I was lost. I could not trust any other Pokémon but my grass and fire-types... Still, there's something about this little blue water-type that made me feel nostalgic. Like we have met before...

Anyways, for my first assignment, I'm heading to pick some dragon fangs in Meteor Falls, a cavern beside our Fallarbor Research Lab. Heh... Meeting with dragon-types for the first time. I wonder how fierce they will still be... after they meet the power of grass.

I entered the cave, feeling quite uncertain and distracted with my thoughts of joining this research club or whatever it is. But then, a loud cry snaps my train of thoughts.

"BAAAAGGGGOOONNNN!!!" That little runt headbutted me for no reason.

But what's that? It seems to be holding something that I want: A dragon fang!

Uhh... That annoying brat! While I squatted on the ground, it was giggling at me, as if I am looked down upon. I can't stand it! I stood up and immediately gave that runt a taste of my Slam attack. It dodged and countered with a solid hard headbutt again. I was filled up with rage.

"Not this time, you little runt! I'm going to use my Mega Drain and sap your energy away!" I shouted to it. Within seconds, I absorbed that Bagon's HP and restored mine. It fainted.

"Yes!" I thought to myself. "This dragon fang is now mine!" I removed the fang from that Bagon's clutches and started to walk towards the cave's exit. But something stopped me. I looked back.

That Bagon's still out cold... Who knows when it will wake up and return to its parents? In the meantime, its parents may be worried sick. Just like how I am when I was younger...

After a moment of hesitation, I ran back to that Bagon but as I helped it up. It disappeared by a red light! I looked up and saw... a nightmare.

Chapter 5: Uneasy Feelings (Mudkip's POV)

Hmmm... It sure has been a long time since Treecko left for Meteor Falls... I'm sure he's not that weak to lose to the wild Pokémon there right? I wonder if he's ok...

What's with this uneasiness in me? Maybe I should go out and take a look.

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What happened before my eyes may be the most horrifying scene I ever saw... Almost as bad as what I saw back in Sootopolis City... There was smoke and fire... A lot of fire... I stood with my mouth agape as I saw my beloved town burning to ashes.

As fellow Pokémon were scurrying away, I saw a silhouette approaching me slowly...

Chapter 6: Living Nightmare (Treecko's POV)

It's them... The same people... The two looked at me with their cruel eyes. I stared back, frozen.

"Why, is that a Treecko?" One of them said.

"Oh, I think it came from the forest we extinguished! It must have been a survivor!" Another replied. Then he threw a ball and shouted, "Go Mightyena!"

Game over, I thought.

Paralyzed with fear, I was eventually abused and captured too...

Chapter 7: Guiding Senses (Mudkip's POV)

Leaving behind my emotions of grief and astonishment, I fled from the burning town before I can take a good look at the silhouette. I ran and ran with all my might towards Meteor Falls. Right now, I have to focus on finding that Treecko. Maybe that's why when I met him, he was scarred with burns and covered with ashes. Maybe that's why he looks so sad underneath his cold glares. Because his home was robbed away in an instant, just like me now...

There it is! Meteor Falls! I entered the cave with caution. Everything seems dark and quiet. With my fin as a radar, I am able to sense movements within the air and water. So thanks to my fin, although I was blind by sight, I could see with my senses.

As I slowly navigate around the dark cavern, I begin to pick up rapid movements nearby. It is a sensation I have never felt before...

Chapter 8: Determination (Treecko's POV)

After being captured, I was placed in a truck then transported somewhere. But I did not know my destination. All I hope for is that at least this capture will reunite me with my family. Suddenly, the truck stopped. I was violently slammed onto the ground.

It seems like a normal forest to me. Are these humans releasing me back into a new habitat? No way. The truck drove away. I was puzzled and scanned the new environment.

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Hmm, seems like a nice peaceful forest to me. Why would those humans just discard me here? Will I meet my family here? First things first, I have to find other Pokémon around here to ask them where I am.
"Help!" I heard a voice, "Help me, anyone!" it cried again. Sounds like a Pokémon in distress to me so I climbed onto a tree to find the source of the voice. That's when I found out where the voice came from.

A little Snivy was wrapped by a 5 feet long Seviper. "Shh! Stop shouting for help or I'll poison you to death!" the Seviper threatened. Snivy was quivering in fear. I guess I'm the one who will be saving her.

I leaped towards them. Seviper spotted me. "What do you want? Don't be a busybody or you'll get in trouble too!"

That Seviper seems awfully strong and being a grass type, I'm at a huge disadvantage. But at that moment, I'm just determined to win at something, to make up for an embarrassing loss to those humans. This time, I will not back down from fear.

"POISON TAIL!" yelled the intimidating Seviper. Luckily, I dodged the frightening move in time. I countered with a Bullet Seed because I couldn't possibly use a direct move as that would mean I'll be getting closer to this poison type. My Bullet Seed did not even land a scratch. This Seviper must be of a pretty high level.
I launched another blast of Bullet Seed. Hopefully, this time it might take some damage. But I was wrong. The Seviper was too powerful. I feel like giving up.

Then, just when I let my guard down, SLAM! Seviper's poison tail striked me. I felt an intense burning pain all over my body. I knew that it was the end for me.

As I crawled desperately on the floor to stand up, I was seeing another fellow grass-type screaming in distress. I can't stand it. I have to get back on my feet. But... my vision is slowly getting blurry... What do I do?

Just then, a Mud Shot came from nowhere and hit that Seviper hard in the face! Super Effective!

The Seviper immediately slither away in fear. I slowly turned my head to look at the Mud Shot-er...

"You?" I gasped.

Chapter 9: New Environment (Mudkip's POV)

I sense it. That familiar aura. It must be, I thought. That's Treecko!

I quicken my pace and ran towards that tingling sensation as adrenaline rushed through me. All I wanted was to meet my partner and move to another place to start anew. Again...

The pain of moving to a new environment is unbearable to me everytime. But with this fella named Treecko, I thought it will somehow be better than when I moved alone. As I get closer and closer to the target I sensed, I saw it. My target. My dream for a new environment ended.

There was... Twenty, no thirty of them. All surrounding me with a look of despair, anger and hatred. I have seen those eyes before. Because it is the same look I give to the villains who destroyed my home. It was that frustrated feeling of being completely destroyed and not being able to do anything about it. Feeling helpless and vulnerable... That's the same feeling I got from those Pokemon...

I approach them cautiously... A Flareon took a step forward. Is that their leader? It launched a shadow ball unexpectedly. I immediately dodged and respond with a Hydro Pump. It dodged my attack. I figured it would be hard to communicate with these Pokemon unless I can convince them that I mean them no harm.

With that in mind, I decided not to attack. The Flareon, surprised at my counterattack, snarled at me and is preparing for its next attack. Instead of standing in my battle stance, I stood there, looking as vulnerable as possible to show that I won't dodge. I won't attack.

"You... What are you doing?" Flareon asked.

Chapter 10: Grassy Mystery (Treecko's POV)

I was astonished to see him. He smiled at me and said, "Howdy Treecko! Long time no see! Phew! Good thing I saved you from that Seviper! You okay, pal?" He was an old classmate of mine. He lived in a nearby forest and I remembered how we used to go to school together with all the other grass-types to learn about the trees, berries and flowers.
"So how'd ya get here?" Chespin asked.

I told him about how I was knocked out by Team Magma and dropped off here when I woke up. He nodded and said, "Yep! That's how all of us ended up here... It seems only grass types exist here so I was actually a bit surprised to see a Poison-type. Maybe it escaped from somewhere and came here."

"Where is this place though?" I asked.

"This place? Unfortunately, I have no idea. But beware Treecko, the humans are definitely up to something. And whatever it is, we must stop it before they completely destroy all our homes!"

I agree. We have to find out what the humans are doing. For now, I followed Chespin back to his tree house and carried Snivy back too. However, Snivy unexpectedly woke up and shot us a suspicious look.

"You guys... let that Seviper into this place, didn't you?" Snivy sneered, "you plan to sacrifice us, am I right? As a fellow grass-type, I am deeply disappointed..."

I glanced at Chespin, who stared blankly back at me.

Chapter 11: Hidden Village (Mudkip's POV)

It turns out that those Pokemon have lived in a village deep within the Meteor Falls cavern. It would be impossible to find it without my navigation abilities. Flareon, the Village Mayor, takes me around to see the village after we cleared that brief misunderstanding. Haha!
Big image
It's a small quiet village. Peaceful and serene. Population... Only about a hundred I guess. It appears that Flareon was the first villager and soon more Pokemon found this village to hide from those evil humans.

"We named this village the Hidden Village." said Flareon, "no one must know about its existence and only those who can find it can live in it."

For now, I thought it would be best if I stayed here. At the same time, maybe hearing stories about the humans from other Pokemon would lead me to Treecko's whereabouts. But most importantly, from what I see, Flareon's a good mayor. All the other Pokemon respected and adored him. I feel like this could be another Pokemon that I could place on my Trustworthy List.
"Come, Mudkip. Let me take you to your new house. You will be sharing it with a fellow villager." Flareon said.

The house is modestly decorated with flowers and it is a pretty house, although I can tell that it is quite old as well. Suddenly, I saw the most beautiful Pokemon I have ever seen in my life descending gracefully from the stairs like an angel.

"Well, who is this little guy?" says the beautiful creature.

"Milotic, this is Mudkip, your new roommate. He is our new villager." Flareon happily introduced. "Well, pleasure to meet you, Mudkip. I'm Milotic, a fisherwoman in the village." Milotic said in a tender voice. At that moment, I temporarily forgot why I came to live in this village. RIght, Treecko. Humans. Haha!

Soon after the introductions, I was escorted to my room. In this village, I will continue my research and work with other Pokemon Professors and Investigators to figure out what the humans are up to. For now, I'll be taking a quick nap.

"Hey! Hey wake up!" a loud voice rang in my ears, "Come on, Professor Mudkip!" I slowly opened my eyes. The blurry figure is gradually revealed. It is a... Wait, what is that Pokemon?

Chapter 12: Mirage Island (Treecko's POV)

"Alright! Alright, I'll tell you what's going on!" Snivy panted, after Chespin and I defeated her in a battle. "F-follow me..." she continued.

We tailed her further into the forest, and suddenly we stopped in the middle of a clearing. "I brought suspicious grass-type traitors!" Snivy exclaimed. Chespin and I stand back to back, anticipating a troop of wild Pokemon to clobber us at any moment. Instead, deep within the branches, a tiny silhouette slowly appears.

"You both... are from Mt. Chimney, it seems" says the silhouette, "you have suffered a great deal in that fire. Come, relax and let the forest heal you..." Then, a flash blinded us and a familiar Pokemon appears before us. It is Celebi, the Time Travel Forest Guardian. I have only seen it in books and ancient journals. It is truly an honour to see it before me.
I decided to get right to business and asked Celebi where is this place and what is Team Magma up to. Celebi sighed, "Sorry but I am not allowed to disclose what Team Magma's plot is because it might disrupt the future. Having time traveled to the future, I can only tell you that these humans are planning a horrendous tragedy that must be stopped at all costs. We are now banished by the humans to this island - Mirage Island. Only grass types are found here. Yet, a Seviper somehow ended up here so Treecko and Chespin, please investigate how that Seviper arrived to this island without being able to swim. You should bring Snivy along with you. She knows this island very well."

"Wait but how do you know that Chespin and I are from Mt. Chimney?" I asked.

"It's easy. I have met you before... In the future... And I know you guys can be trusted." Celebi calmly replied, "Well then, now I must bid you farewell. Until we meet again." Before I could ask another question, Celebi vanished into a time portal. I guess that means it is up to Chespin, Snivy and I to solve the mystery of this island. Why are we, grass types, transported here by Team Magma? What is their purpose? And how did that Seviper ended up here?

With all these questions floating in my mind, I turned to Snivy and asked her how she encountered that Seviper.

"Well, since Celebi trusted the both of you, you must be good guys so I'll help you. Follow me, I'll show you where I meet that Seviper." Snivy said.

She took us to an old giant tree. Although it is summer, the leaves of the tree are falling out, as though autumn is arriving. "This tree used to be a strong, gorgeous plant..." Chespin said. He mentioned that when he first arrived in this island a few days ago, the tree was still thriving with fruits and a lot of leaves. Right now, it is sick and dying. Could Seviper's arrival have something to do with this tree's condition?

"Be careful!" a voice called out, "a dangerous Pokemon lives near that tree!" The three of us turned to find out that the voice belongs to a Leafeon.

"Who are you guys? I have seen Snivy around but not you two..." Leafeon stares suspiciously. Snivy introduced the two of us before another suspicion battle breaks out again. It seems that the grass types here are unwelcoming and distrustful of strangers. Kind of like me I guess.

Leafeon discloses that she notices the Seviper slithering by the tree a few days ago. The Seviper apparently likes eating the tree's berries and its tree sap. The tree probably would not last any longer. She also adds that the Seviper seems to come from the North side of the island, because it always heads back in the north direction after sucking the tree dry. Now that we got this lead, I feel hopeful. Maybe I can finally solve the mystery of this island.

Chapter 13: Best Memories (Mudkip's POV)

The nap disruptor is a cute energetic little Pokemon named Pachirisu. It claimed to be my Professor Assistant. That day was the best day I have had in a long time. I get to do what I do to do. Free from any worries. Free from trouble. It seems too good to be true.

I met other villagers and made tons of new friends. I researched and developed some new potions with Pachirisu as a speedy assistant. I actually had quite a productive day. I almost decided to leave it all behind: my past, my family's revenge, Treecko... Should I? Would I be happier to forget all of them and live my own life here?

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw a Pokemon. A surge of pain rushed through my veins. That Pokemon... I saw that Pokemon somewhere before... In the most horrifying scene...

Pokémon Gotta Dance!

Hey Mudkip! I can't believe I give up and started dancing like crazy! Those good old days! I was so stubborn to even dance! Isn't that a fun experience? Jog your memory by watching this! :D

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