Politics Senior Honors Forum

Social Movements and Democracy in American Political History

Date: Friday, November 30th

Time: 2:00-4:30p.m.

Location: Xavier Hall

Topics Include:

“It Tweets! Audience Participation and Social Movement Framing Paradigms.” David Boyle.

“From Civil Rights to Civil Disobedience: The Rap Movement and Individual Identity.”

Matthew Lanza.

"Housing As a Human Right: The Evolution of the Housing Movement in the United States.” Elizabeth Nye.

“Unnatural Selection: The Revival of the Eugenics Movement.” James Rally.

“From Sojourner Truth to Hip Hop Feminism: The Progression of Black Feminist Consciousness and Activism.” Abesha Shiferaw.

“What’s State Gotta Do With IT: How Civil Political Culture Supported the Arab Spring Protests in Tunisia and Bahrain.” Estephanie Sunga.

“Social Control: Bureaucratic Influence from the Progressive Movement to the War on Drugs.” Victor Valdez.

“The Neoconservative Bourgeois Current: An American Anti-Socialism.” Joseph T. Quiggle.