Texas Coastal Plains

The Great Coastal Plains Region Of Texas

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The Great Coastal Plains are in southern Texas located along the Gulf Of Mexico. The landscape includes lush vegetation and lots of wooded areas. It consist of flatter land towards the coast line, and is allot more populated closer inland from the shore. Resources and industry in the area include oil, natural gas, and the Texas Petrochemicals Corporation. Petrochemicals, are products, that to put it simple, come from petroleum.

One major area of the Coastal Plains include the Johnson's Space Center. This center is dedicated to preservation or space and aeronautics. The museum, named after Lyndon B. Johnson, rest on 1,620 acres, housing a public museum, flight control building, and space flight training center. This building was opened up in 1963, and renamed to the Johnson's Space Center in 1972 in honor if the U.S. President. The land was donated, by Rice University.

Houston, Texas is the fourth largest city in the United States, and largest city in Texas. The United States Census, reported an average population of 2.1 million people within 599.6 square miles! Houston, named after the great Sam Houston, was founded on 1876. Sam Houston, was the president of The Republic Of Texas. He had commanded and won the battle of San Jacinto.

Out of 16 original lighthouses made in Texas, only one is open to the public. This is the Port Isabel Lighthouse. The lighthouse, about five story high, is an amusement park for photographers. It is a high point and gives a great view of the Gulf Coast. This structure was constructed in 1852, to keep ships from crashing in the Brazos Santiago Pass.

The coast line is a big geographic attraction, with a sunny summer beach, it is a great amusement to ages of sorts. With many other coast line attractions, this geographic feature of the Coastal plains, is a great tourist attraction.

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