Oldham County in Best Shape

By: Jenna Blevins And Josh McClay

Oldham County schools

The Oldham County school district is one of the best school district in the state.

The Oldham County school district consists of a preschool, ten elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, an alternative school, a career center and a center for the arts and community education. Student enrollment in has more than doubled in recent years, bringing the current number of students to nearly 12,000 in grades Preschool through 12.

site used: Oldham.k12.KY.us

Oldham County Helps

Property Taxes

Oldham county Helps us by colecting Property taxes. These taxes are the money people or buisnesses pay for the land they own. Without these the county could not put structures on land such as, Librarys,schools,and different kinds of buildings.

Recources - ICivics

Oldham County Community

The Oldham County community is both established and growing. It provides its 'award winning schools, home town churches, fine parks and recreational facilities, and beautiful home developments. The Oldham County community is a great place to live. You and your family can come and enjoy the community that oldham County has to offer.

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The Local Buisnesses

Oldham County provides local buisnesses such as Cheese making, Dry cleaning, Home Remodeling, Accountant services, and many more! it also provides great Local jobs such as Landscaping, Real Estate, and Plumbing.

Oldham County is a progressive community with fine businesses to meet the needs of an ever popular media like the Internet. The purpose of this site is to provide everyone in the community a place to find information about local businesses. The local Buisnesses represent the best quality stores, shops, supplies and services available.

Recources - Oldhamcounty.com