Acute Kidney Injury

What is Acute Kidney Injury

By definition, AKI is an abrupt decrease (within 48 hours) in kidney function that includes an increase in serum creatinine (either an absolute increase of greater than 0.3 mg/dL or a percentage increase of 50%) or a decrease in urine output (less than 0.5 mL/kg/hour for more than 6 hours).

Common Complications

  • fluid buildup: build up fluid in chest= SOB

  • chest pain: heart lining inflammation= chest pain

  • muscle weakness: imbalance of electrolytes

  • permanent kidney damage:

Patient Education

  • eat foods low in potassium and salt

  • take medications as directed by MD

  • fluid restriction

  • manage other health complications properly

  • talk w/ MD before taking NSAIDs

  • contact MD if urinating less than normal