4HA Weekly News

11th April 2014

Dear parents

We packed quite a lot into our 4 day week this week! With rehearsals, author visit preparation, the teaser for Beauty and the Beast, and the regular academic work, it has been a whirlwind week!

It was great to meet with all of the parents that came to the conferences over the last two days, I really enjoy discussing each child's progress. Thank you for taking the time to be here and meet with me.

For your information, the Curiosity Project will gather momentum after the MAP tests at the end of this month. Until then, we will be concentrating on reviewing our studies and preparing to be assessed. The children are welcome to continue gathering research in their own time at home, so please support this if necessary.

Some pictures from art class

Our Studies

Language Arts

Last week, we reviewed subjects and predicates, as many children were still unsure about these. We began to look at punctuation, especially speech marks used in dialogue. In writing, most of the children finished their fictional stories about a performance or play. They then identified some different parts of speech in their own writing, and shared their stories with the class. We had a special lesson with Ms. Kersting, about Rosemary Wells, who will be visiting SFS in a few weeks. In reading, the children practiced reading their scripts, and we had some group guided reading sessions.

Next week, we will continue to look closely at different types of punctuation, and we will also discuss similes and metaphors in our writing and reading.


In math last week, we learned about hundredths and thousandths in decimal form. We related this to our knowledge of fractions. We also did a review activity that covered a broad range of math topics.

Next week, we will do some more mathematical review activities, that focus on geometry and measurement in particular. Students should try to practice math facts, Xtra Math, or SumDog as much as possible at home, as we will have our MAP tests soon.

Upcoming Events and Activities

- MAP tests

Our final MAP tests will be on the following days:

Reading - 23rd April

Language - 24th April

Math - 25th April


Although our play rehearsals are already underway, they will be more frequent and in depth after the MAP tests have been completed. Please help your child to practice lines at home, in order to prepare for more intense school rehearsals.


Remember that Friday 18th April is Good Friday, so the school will be closed on that day. We will enjoy the Easter Chapel in the afternoon on Thursday 17th April.

A message about chess from Anne Gardon

April 10, 2014

Dear Parents of Students in Grades 2 - 5,

Mr. Andrew Barnas, of the British School, is wondering if there are any students in Grades 2 - 5 who may be interested in participating in a chess tournament here at SFS. The proposed date of the tournament would be Saturday, May 17th in the morning.

We realize that May 17th is an already busy weekend with other school events (including the ES Father-Son Fun Day) planned, therefore we are just wanting to gauge the interest level of the students before we go ahead with planning the tournament. If there is not enough interest for a May 17th tournament, we will look at planning one for another day, perhaps early next school year.

If your child is interested in participating in the tournament on May 17th , could you please fill in the information at this link by Wednesday, April 16. This is not a commitment to participate at this point, this is just a show of interest.

Once a decision has been made, I will contact you (at your contact info on the googledoc) to let you know the decision. You can contact me, Anne Gardon, atagardon@seoulforeign.org if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your support!


Anne Gardon =)

ES Assistant Principal

Prince George Award

Our Prince George Award winner this week was Eric! He worked really hard, and tried to improve his behavior and attitude for the whole week. Well done, Eric!