Flaminio Bertoni

Automotive Designer (1903-1964)

About Flaminio

One of the 20th century’s most gifted car designers, Flaminio Bertoni was responsible for designing the bodywork of classic cars like the Traction Avant. Born in Italy in 1903, Bertoni discovered car design by accident when, after his father’s death in 1918, he was forced to leave technical school to earn a living to support his family. In 1931 he then fell in love and moved to Paris to be with the love of his life. He was then hired by Citroën in 1932 where he continued to work for many years.

History Time-Line

1903- born in northern Italy

1918- forced to stop technical school due to the death of his father, finds work in Macchi, a local car maker buisness.

1931- falls in love with Giovanna Barcella and moves to Paris to live with her

1932- hired by Citroën

1940- has a motorcycle accident

1964- dies in Paris

By Emma Hearn