6th Grade Reading & Technology

Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet Mrs. Godek!

Last week, we welcomed a second teacher to assist Ms. Salo and Mrs. Campbell with our large classes! We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Cindi Godek! She is already busy assisting with paperwork, and encouraging students in Reading Plus. She is not new to St. Johns County. In fact, she worked in St. Johns County Schools as a health tech at Durbin Creek Elementary in previous years. One of the most interesting things about Mrs. Godek is she has a Coca-Cola room in her house, and her son works for the NYPD (students thought this was cool)! We are delighted to have Mrs. Godek join our class!

Agenda for this week...

Monday, Nov. 17--Silver Day

Tuesday, Nov. 18--Black Day

Wednesday, Nov. 19--Silver Day

Thursday, Nov. 20--Black Day

Friday--Silver Day


1. Reading Plus--Complete 10 activities each week;

2. Typing Web--Log at least 30 minutes each week and finish Beginner program;

3. Bear in There poem--Formatting Text and inserting graphics.

4. Northstar Digital Assessment--Module 1 (Basic Computer Use) and 2 (World Wide Web) should be completed. Take a screen shot of your score and send it to your teacher in Edmodo.

Reading Plus Champions!

We are entering our 14th week working on Reading Plus activities. Students know that when they finish the week's Reading Plus tasks, they can continue working to do makeup from previous weeks. The goal is to color in all the bars completely with green (see illustration). Between the Silver and the Black day classes, we have over 50 students who have completed ALL assignments for the year, and then some!

This Week's Web Picks....