Modern Times

Women of Today

The Rights of Women

Today women have all of the same rights as men. Women are allowed to speak in public, be in the military, have jobs outside their household, divorce easily, have custody over their children, wear pants, and vote. All of these things have been diligently fought for and now finally women have the same rights as men, and are considered equals in society.

The Interests of Women

Women nowadays have a lot more interests. Women now are allowed to have most of the same interests as men and are not limited. If a woman wants to participate in something that a man also participates in, there is nothing holding her back.

Men and Women

The way that men treat women is greatly improved from the past. Now men and women are considered equals in life and they both have the same rights. Men are no longer the ones that have all the responsibly and the power over the family. Now men and women share the responsibly and power.