Weekly Launch

April 8-12


Only 37 days left!

Please remind your students that are walking to class in the mornings to stop for pledges and moment of silence. Once they are complete, they should walk to class. There has been a lot of running!

STAAR is here! Please remember to check the alternate block schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday. Please use each other and phone calls home to manage behaviors on those two days. Recess will also need to be held in the front. Hallways will need to be silent. Thanks for helping us with a good testing environment.

Important Dates

April 8

C4-3rd grade

April 9

STAAR-4th writing/5th math

wear your jeans with a NPE or STAAR shirt

April 10

STAAR 5th reading

Wear a STAAR or NPE shirt with jeans

Collaboration is optional

April 11-

STAAR makeups

Watch Dog-Mr. Box-Sydney/Kendal-Strawn/Campanaro-PE/Music

April 12-

Teacher Self Report closes

Watch Dog-Mr. Neyland-Cooper/Parker-Campanaro/Joiner-PE/PE

April 14-Fun Run-PTA would love to have some teachers attend and stand along the course to encourage the students as they run!

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Resiliency

Word of the Month-Grit

Morning Announcements-Office

Word of the Week-Compare

Compliment Corner

This compliment is for Shari Jarris for handling a sticky parent situation on our behalf. She went above and beyond the call of duty!-Hester Smith

This compliment is for Jeannie who spent countless hours of her free time to set up Break-Out boxes in our classrooms to help 5th grade with STAAR prep. The kids are excited and so are the teachers. We could not have done it without you!-Hester Smith

This compliment is for Sandy Varner because she washed and delivered my coffee cup when I left it in her room!-Nicole Janese

This compliment is for Renee because she went above and beyond helping us get a check for our field trip. Thank you for being so helpful and finding a way to get an invoice-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for Terri May because she opened the library to first grade and let us do a phonics activity. Thank you for being so flexible with your schedule when I forgot about your vendor meeting. The kids loved going into the "jungle" for their safari.-Stephanie Hirsch

This compliment is for Heather Patterson because she went out and checked on Mrs. SImmons on her first day of attempting car rider line name-Nicole Janese

This compliment is for Coach Rizzo because she took on our yearbook this year!(and this is a HUGE job!)-Nicole Janes

Shout out

A huge shout out to the 3rd grade ELA team for allowing us to video their data talk and bringing 25 principals in to watch them plan! The principals thought they were great and NPE!

Another huge shout out to Sandy, Renee, Brenda, Terri and Jen for helping decorate, put out the food and clean up for our principal's meeting. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was!

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