Scarlet Macaw


The scarlet macaws of the rain forest have a bright and colorful appearance. Their feathers are green, blue, red, and yellow. Because all of these creatures are the same color, the male and the female look alike. The biggest bird in the parrot family is called the hyacinth bird. Some of small macaws are only about twelve inches tall. Macaws have tiny necks, but big round heads. Some of the largest tree dwellers are about forty inches tall. On the macaw’s feet, there are two toes pointing forward, and two pointing backwards. They have powerful, curved beaks and macaws can break a broomstick. The scarlet macaw has a feathered pattern on its cheek. When a macaws get mad, its’ cheek turns bright pink.

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These tropical inhabitants creatures live in trees. Macaws home is in South America, Brazil islands. They nest in dead trees with smooth trunks, so predators can’t climb up the tree. After the female lays her eggs the male and the female stops being social with the male. They are found in the canopy near swamps, grasslands, and mountains of the tropical rain forest. All males and females prepare the nest together. Macaws don’t travel far from home. Because it has been a long day, they all meet at a sleeping tree.

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All macaws eat food that other animals won’t touch, like toxin and poison. Of course, also they eat nuts, berries, leaves, ripe fruit, unripe fruit, and buds of trees. They have a special bone to help crack nuts. Most of their food comes from the papaya tree. Because this herbivore also eats clay from the river banks three times a week, they won’t get sick from the poison and toxin. The male macaw stores his food in his pouch or throat. Chicks beg for food by flapping their wings and making noise.

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Friends and Enemies

These threatened animals have few friends and enemies. Some rivals of this threatened creature are the harpy eagle, big cats, people, and reptiles. Because people destroy trees, and keep this feathered creature for pets, these species are threatened. Some of the macaws relatives are parrots, blue macaw, and cockatoos. The parrot family has the strongest bite of any bird. When parrot species fly their can be as many as one hundred in a flock. Tree dwellers likes to spend most of the time together. Macaws are the biggest bird in the parrot family.

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