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Kindergarten - 2nd Quarter 2016-2017

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The 100th day of school is quickly approaching! Pending any snow days, the 100th day is set for February 16th. See the gallery below for some fun 100th day activities. Not only is the 100th day quickly approaching, but so is GO Math!©2015 Chapter 5 which is all about addition stories and number bonds up to 10. The PARCC Formative Task "Counting Stories" is a valuable tool to assess your students' understanding of addition situations. Find "Counting Stories" on the Cybrary or at (remember you have to log in). View the video by Graham Fletcher, Got Rekenreks? for information on how to use this effective tool to allow your students to experiment with addition and the composition and decomposition of numbers up to 10. Finally, did you know there is a difference between the Ideal Math Lesson vs The Reading Workshop Model. View the document and evaluate the differences for yourself. Hope you enjoy, and please contact myself or your building math specialist with any questions, needs for support, or if you have something great to share with your kindergarten colleagues.

Interactive Whiteboard Activity

Top marks is a great resource for interactive whiteboard games to use during center time or indoor recess. Have your kinder students practice counting, sequencing, or number bonds as well as addition and subtraction up to 10 or 20.

The Ideal Math Lesson VS The Reading Workshop Model

The Ideal Math Lesson has four main components:

- Engage/Explore, where the teacher guides the students through a discovery of the lesson,

- Explain/Elaborate, where students complete their formative assessment,
- Differentiation based on the assessment, which can consist of centers or stations, and
- Evaluate, where the lesson is summed up and reflected upon.

The Workshop Model, as used in Reading and Writing, differs from this model. To view the complete comparison between the two different models, please click here.

Graham Fletcher's Got Rekenreks?

In this video by one of our favorites Graham Fletcher, he explains the why's and how's of using Rekenreks or math racks with students in your classroom. Rekenreks are a powerful tool that allow your students to easily test multiple theories about numbers. Students can continually use this tool throughout their elementary years as they build their sense of numbers through 120.
Got Rekenreks?!?!?

Rekenrek Resource

Click Here For this comprehensive guide to many activities and lessons that can be done in your classrooms with Rekenreks.

Click Here for a virtual math rack that can be used on your Smartboard. This interactive math rack is great because it can have just one string of beads or you can add as many as you want.

DIY Rekenrek - Make your own class set

Dreambox Assign Focus Feature

Don't forget to use the Dreambox assign focus feature to assign specific lessons to students by standard to reinforce the teaching you do every day. The lessons designed for composition of numbers up to 10, K.OA.A.3 feature the use of ten frames as well as math racks. If you need assistance using the Dreambox assign focus feature please contact your building math specialist.

The Pluses of Counting on Your Fingers

In this Wall Street Journal Article brain research reveals the correlation between early counting on our fingers and mathematical reasoning skills as adults. So let your students count on their fingers! Click on the link to read the full article.

Stay in Touch!

"It takes a village"...let's stick together and share resources. Contact me or your building Math Specialist with any great ideas, tips, or creative classroom hacks that you would like to share with your fellow Kindergarten teachers.

Rose Scullion, Ocean Avenue Mathematics Specialist