Providence News

February 2016

Fun in the Snow! Inside and out!

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School Wide Reminders

School is Closed - Monday, February 15, 2016

Don't forget to send in new spare clothing, as we use up spare clothing in your child's cubby.

If your child is sent home with Providence borrowed clothing - Kindly wash and return them promptly.

Last chance to sign up for Pizza Friday. $50 fee can be added to this months tuition fee.

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Montessori Prep

We welcome our new friend Caleb to our class! We are working on using our manners by saying please, thank you, sharing and taking turns. The children are playing together and friendships are developing. At circle time we started to practice shaking hands when we sing a good morning song.

Pre-Primary Classroom

This month as we enjoyed our many snow related activities, we wondered if we would ever get snow this year. Well, we definitely did!!

Although it was easy to complain about the mess it made, the time spent with family enjoying the beauty of it all was priceless.

While in our Classroom this month we talked about hibernation, artic animals and things associated with snow. We continue the growth in our skills and knowledge as we reinforce the color of the month, white and other colors we have learned. The children enjoyed various snow related activities; mitten matching, spooning snowballs, sorting snowflakes by shapes, polar bear sound shakers and finding what was missing on our winter clothing board.

We enjoyed teaching the children some new snow relating songs and reading various snowman stories. One of the highlights was our felt snowman. The children enjoyed putting him together on our flannel board.

They also love puzzles and greatly enjoyed our new snowman puzzle and shape sorter. Counting 1-5 with snowflakes and snowmen was also a favorite.

Art continues to encourage creativity. We have been exploring watercolors, stampers, and learned how to manipulate playdough into shapes by rolling, pushing and cutting it.

The children continue to grow in leaps and bounds as their language and social skills mature. Every day brings lots of growth and development in socialization.

Until next time…..Have fun in the snow! Ms. Kim and Ms. Anne Marie


Walruses, penguins, and polar bears Oh My!!! Who loves arctic animals? We do!!! This month we learned lots of information about the arctic regions and the animals that make them their home. The activities in the classroom were even spruced up with animals to count, organize, label, and match. We measured and compared penguins by size, color, and where they live. We learned that polar bears begin life very small and only spend about a year with their mommies. We are finishing up our month with walrus mania. With their fancy tusks they are going to give us background knowledge to feed into dental health month in February.

We also practiced dressing ourselves with winter weather clothing. We are still working on buttoning, sliding on our mitten and gloves, zipping and tugging our boots on.

With all the snow, we had circle time conversations on changing weather, melting and shoveling snow, and temperatures rising or dropping. We talked about ways to stay warm and how yummy a cup of hot chocolate or soup can taste after spending time outdoors.

Next month we will incorporate dental health, Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day into our classroom. We look forward to some cooking surprises, visitors who will share their culture, and spreading some love to friends, family, and the world.

Quick reminders:

Please label all clothing.

Hot thermoses are working GREAT.

Pack extra clothes in case needed. (We love outside time)

Send indoor shoes or slippers for when we are inside the classroom. Boots sometimes track in water. (We don’t like wet socks)

Thanks for all you do!!!!!