aitana olivia bighorn


Getting There

My friend and I are getting there by plane, we are using american fligths. We will be leaving Denver Colorado at 7:10am we will take two stops on our way there. we will arive at Barcalona at 9:00pm. we will call a taxi to our hotel. It will cost us about $2,248.60. round trip

Where to Stay

When we arive we are going to get settled in at The Silken Hotel. The Silken Hotel is a five star hotel. It has a pool, amazing views, amazing servise, and great prices. it will cost us $1,521.10 for 12 nights!


The first day we are going to see all the great stories and backrounds that Barcilona has on a one person scooter tour its will cost us $75.57. After that we will go wine and cheese tastin and end the nigth at the hotel resturant.



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