CRCSD School Improvement

Norms: How's it going?

We have already discussed the importance of establishing and reviewing norms. During the Mid Year BLT SIP review, we will talk reflect on team processes. One suggestion teams might consider is using amore formal evaluation of norms as part of an upcoming BLT meeting.

Learning by Doing suggests the following questions to guide discussion:

1. Are we adhering to our norms?

2. Do we need to establish a new norm to address a problem occurring on our team?

3. Are we working interdependently to achieve our team goal(s)?

Another way to frame the discussion might be to have team members rate each norm.

1= Not a practice

2= Random practice

3= Regular practice

NA= Not applicable/Don't know

Discussion could then focus on lower scoring norms. What would the norm look and sound like if it were evident in practice?

Norm Example: We will be respectful of each other's ideas and opinions

Evident in practice:

* Conflict and disagreement are evident, but focus on issues and not personalities.

* Conversations are structured to ensure all members participate in discussion and have

have voice in decision making.

* There is no post meeting gossiping or complaining about decisions. We move forward with one voice.

* We do not interrupt one another when we disagree. We listen and ask questions to

gain understanding and appreciation for the perspective.

And, A bit More on Celebration....

"The single best low-cost, high-leverage way to improve performance, morale, and the climate for change is to dramatically increase the levels of meaningful recognition for-and among-educators"

-- Robert Evans, 1996

Things to keep in mind with recognition:

* Explicitly state the purpose of celebration and make clear the link between the recognition and the behavior or commitment you are encouraging. How does it connect to the collective commitments, mission, vision, or goals outlined in your School Improvement Plan?

* Expand celebration to all; make celebration everyone's responsibility. How is the BLT celebrating and leading the importance of celebration? How do we create a space and structure where colleagues can celebrate one another?

* There must be opportunities for many "winners." For it to work, all must need to believe and have opportunity to be noted and appreciated. It is more effective to have many receive frequent smaller "pats on the back" than one grand prize winner. Adlai Stevenson asks students "Which member of the staff has had the most profound impact on your life and why?" and shares responses quarterly via an internal "Kudos memorandum." At Kennedy High School "Mugs and Kisses" is regularly used for teachers to recognize one another. At Garfield Elementary, students are giving teachers recognition through verbal compliments and tickets. If you have a way that your school is celebrating staff, please let me know!

How is your school celebrating the efforts and accomplishments related to your SIP?