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Dave and Sasha Sveen's fight causes tongue to be cut off

Dave Sveen got into a quarrel with his adoptive mother named Sasha Sveen when heading back from the local grocery store. Dave and Sasha both had different views on the farm their family was going to sell that was located around the outskirts of their house.

Dave was against the idea saying the farm was where some of their family's most memorable moments occurred, but Shasha was thinking about the money their family needed to survive. Selling a corn farm could earn a lot of mina for their family.

Things got heated up fast and the next sentence that came out of Dave's mouth was “you are not even my mother!, you can't tell me what to do and not do!”. The whole town heard Dave yell this.

Word spread around like wildfire and the next day Sasha and Dave were called in by the court.

The court ruled for Dave's tongue to be cut off since socially it is unacceptable to say such vile words to your elders and law number 192 in the code of Hammurabi states: If a son of a prostitute say to his adoptive mother: "You are not my mother," his tongue shall be cut off.

Dave is now healing and Sasha has forgiven him for his crime committed.

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Erin Dronald has been in debt under Yale Birch for two months.

It started when Erin Dronald requested his long time neighbour-Yale Birch for a loan once he realized his eldest daughter's marriage was soon arriving and he did not have enough mina to pay for her dowry.

Yale agreed and set a time frame of 2 months for Mr.Dronald to pay him back. Two months have passed and yet Mr.Dronald has not payed Mr.Birch back.

Yale Birch declares that he loaned Mr.Dronald 3 mina's of gold so he could fulfill his duty to his daughter and give it to her as dowry but he expected the money back.

Mr. Birch is angry and therefore took Mr.Dronald to court.

In court, Mr. Dronald clarified that he was struggling to feed his 3 other children, and did not have the means to pay 3 mina's of gold back to Yale Birch.

Since Erin Dronald is a proud owner of a small corn farm that rounds his house, the court settled their dispute by declaring that Mr.Dronald shall pay Mr.Birch back in corn since this is a long time custom and also a law in the code of Hammurabi. Law number 51 states: If he have no money to repay, then he shall pay in corn in place of the money as rent for what he received from the merchant, according to the royal tariff.

This is exactly what took place and now Mr.Dronald and Mr.Birch are both satisfied.

Joshua Veran – unwealthy father of four, striked town's favourite - old Mary Jane.

Joshua Veran is a single father to three young boys and one daughter.

Joshua is also the culprit who hit Ms.Jane on the outskirts of Babylon when she was reaching her home with groceries on the date of September 14 1755 BC.

Reporters found out that in the morning of Ms.Jane's death, Joshua requested Ms.Jane for some fresh vegetables from her garden but Ms.Jane insisted they were not ripe yet.

This caused Joshua's anger towards Ms.Jane as Joshua and his family had not eaten in days.

Mr.Veran said that in the afternoon when he had saved up enough mina to buy his family some fruit from the local grocery store, he saw Ms.Jane heading back with some food in her hands.

Eyewitnesses stated that Mr.Veran striked Ms.Jane at her heart without warning which lead to her ultimate death.

Mr Veran declares that he “previously did not know she had a heart condition”, that he “did not mean to kill her”, and that his “hit was meant to hurt her because she denied him food this morning, not kill her”.

Word spread of old Mary Jane's death and Mr.Veran was taken to court along side his daughter.

As we all know, rule number 210 in the code of Hammurabi states: “If a man strike a free-born woman and the woman dies, his daughter shall be put to death” and that is exactly what took place the following morning of Ms.Jane's death.

As of now, Mr.Veran is mourning his daughter's loss and Ms.Jane's family is mourning hers.

Mr.Veran's family and Ms.Jane's family's lives have both changed with the loss of their loved ones. They are both grieving and we wish them both peace of mind and patience.


Dale Gloak objects Clarkson Ace selling his slaves

Clarkson Ace had been looking around Missourini to buy slaves for an entire week when finally Dale Gloak had offered his female slave named Aurora Arsington to him for labor.

Mr. Ace used Aurora's services for a solid month, making her do any labor work around his house. After a month, Mr. Ace realized he did not have much use for her and selling her would be his best option as he would gain plenty of mina off of her and that would be very helpful since he was not a very prosperous man.

Mr. Ace sold her at the market place to a wealthy man named Elias King.

Elias King is well known for keeping several slaves. He doesn't sell his slaves often, infact he collects them. If someone was to buy a slave off of Mr. King, it would be a very expensive transaction.

When Mr. Gloak heard this, he was quite upset.

Mr. Gloak exclaims “I didn't think he would sell Aurora!, I was thinking of buying her back from him, this past month has been tough without her, how am i going to buy her off now?”.

Mr. Gloak took Mr.Ace to court to press charges against him, but the court dismissed the case bringing up rule number 118 from the code of Hammurabi: If he give a female slave away for forced labor, and the merchant sell them for money, no objection can be raised. Mr. Gloak is now without slave, learning to do all the work himself.

Martin Crawford and Lilly Green protest law number 128

Newlywed Martin Crawford and Lily green protested law number 128 written in the code of Hammurabi all through out the day yesterday around Kings Corner.

Even after their marriage, Martin and Lilly both vowed to never have sexual intercourse in their lifetime as it goes against both of their beliefs and values. They plan to stay pure and to not have children of their own for as long as they both shall live.

This belief of theirs is widely known in town.

Unfortunately, it also intercepts with law number 128 which states: If a man take a woman to wife, but have no intercourse with her, this woman is no wife to him.

This lead to all the townspeople calling Lilly with her maiden name which is Green. This was not an issue at first, but as times passed, Lilly got frustrated. She states “It didn't really matter first, but now everyone refuses to identify me as a Crawford, I am married for goodness sakes!”

Martin and Lilly both believe whether they engage in intercourse or not is their business and either way Lilly should be identified as Lilly Crawford because she is a married woman.

As of now, Lilly is still being identified by her Maiden name.

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