January 18. 2016

What's Up in the Tech World

I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed your holiday today. I did some baking and some cleaning. It was nice to have one extra day! I have a few things for you this week. Lower school, I will be on your campus on Thursday. If there is anyone I can help between 12 and 2 on Tuesday, I can come over. I will only come if you email me and let me know we can meet. Upper school, I am with you Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (assuming we don't have ice or snow).

I have included a link to a youtube channel (collection of videos) with all types of videos about using Google Apps. If there is something you want to be able to do with your email or Google Docs, there is probably a video for it.

Storyboard That offers writing prompts through the teacher dashboard. You have to log-in to your teacher dashboard to find the prompts. A different prompt and or suggested activity is featured daily. (Remember we have free accounts for this year)

Free trial of EduTyping.com for 90 days

Four Helpful Gmail Settings for Teachers & Students