Texting and driving

Britney Gonzalez and Heynar Berrios

Texting and Driving

Don't text while driving because it causes problems and damages.In 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones.. that;s 1.3 million crashes of drivers involved in wrecks.48% of kids 2-17 been in car crashes and have died or have been injured.When your going to drive before you go and drive off think first put your phone down and drive and do not use your phone in till you are out of the car.This is one of the reasons why people suffer because the people who die there family members come together to honor the people who past away and family members feel sad,unhappy and they surfer of the sadness.So please don't text while driving.

Stop Texting Start Driving

Stop texting start driving so you can stop these problem of texting while driving cause this is why people lost there lives you can stop texting by putting your phone down an paying attention to where are you driving so you wont lose your life.
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