People vs. Cancer

What you should do to not get Cancer.


Cancer is a horrible disease because it can very easily kill you. There are some ways you can prevent it though by not being out in the sun for a long time without sunscreen, lowering or stopping your tobacco and alcohol use and you should watch your diet.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is one way that you can get cancer. “Each year in the United States there are approximately 600,000 new cases of OP Melanoma or skin cancer.” (pg.25) This happened because people were out in the sun for too long. “It is common knowledge now that wearing sunscreen will help prevent skin cancer.” (pg.25) “As a preventative measure people should avoid sun tanning during the peak of harmful hours between 11 am and 3pm.” (pg.25) Sun exposure is one way you can get cancer.

Tobacco and Alcohol Use

Alcohol and tobacco is another way to get cancer. “Experts estimate that at least 85 percent of lung cancer deaths and 30 percent of all cancer deaths are caused by tobacco use.” (pg.25) This is because people smoked or chewed for a long time or a lot. “If people stopped smoking and chewing tobacco 175,000 cancer deaths each year would be prevented.” (pg.25) Heavy drinking is also just bad for you because it can affect your brain.


Diet is also one way you can prevent getting cancer. “According to scientists, one third of all cancer deaths this year in the United States are related to poor nutrition.” (pg.27) This means you nead to eat healty food and you can sometimes eat junk food. Everybody needs to have a steady diet and needs to get at least some exercise. “Some researchers believe that as fat is digested, it produces cancer-causing chemicals.” (pg.27) “A diet low in fiber has also been linked to colon cancer.” (pg.27) Diet is very important for you to think about.


Cancer is a very dangerous disease to have. You should think about these things so you can lower your chances of getting cancer. Like sun exposure, tobacco and alcohol use, and watching your diet.