Clear River Pecan Company

Fresh and Bursting with Flavor

Fun Facts

  • Clear River has been open for 18 years
  • Clear River was located on San Saba Street, now known as Main Street
  • Clear River's ceilings are still intact from the original building bought in 1909
  • The concrete blocks that make up the exterior of the building are of the "Basse" style with a signature "7" marking on them
  • Clear River's original long leaf pine floors came from East Texas


The building was bought by Max Joseph for investment purposes in December of 1909. It was the sight of the City Variety Store, similar to a convenience store, for over 60 years. The property was then sold to Jacob Gold in 1944 and then passed to Oliver Kowert in 1956. Florine Brune, worked at a dress shop across the street for many years, then acquired the property in 1969 by Mr. Kowert. After this, the building sat vacant for almost 20 years. Later, tenants occupied the building with a City Variety Store, a shoe store, a music store, two different dress stores, the Koffee Kaltch, and what now Clear River. The upstairs was used as offices or private residences for over 20 years. Today the upstairs is used for overflow seating of Clear River, meeting rooms, offices, and storage.



Favorite ice-cream: mint chocolate chip

Favorite sound: the purring of a kitty

Favorite toe: the one next to my pinky

Favorite state: Vermont

Future husband: Bradley Cooper


Favorite ice-cream: java chocolate chunk

Favorite sound: baby

Favorite feature: my freckle on my thumb

Favorite tooth: the molar next to the other tooth

Favorite animal: bushbaby