Storage Warehouses Do Not Belong in our neighborhood!

City Council Meeting Tonight! March 15. Say NO to Storage Warehouses

Dear Neighbors:

I really hate to keep sending these week after week, but storage warehouses love Keller for some reason.

More storage warehouses, especially on Davis, can and will affect our resale values. Lyndhurst is very close to CubeSmart and if we continue to allow storage warehouses, at some point we will feel the effects.

City Council approved a massive warehouse on Keller Parkway, which is a sad situation and are now considering a 40,000 square foot expansion of CubeSmart, just down the way from upscale neighborhoods like ours.

Surrounding cities do not allow storage warehouses in main residential, retail and commercial areas, but we seem to consider the possibility each time they come.

Storage Warehouses, Drive-thru restaurants, ER centers, nursing homes and carwashes REQUIRE a SUP (special use permit) in these areas for a is to restrict their existence for main areas. There are other areas of Keller that allow for them.

It's not about development, it is about quality development.

Please help us say NO to Storage Warehouses on main thoroughfares.

Keller Deserves Better...but unless we speak up and speak out, we are doomed to this kind of development.

Please be specific with your comments: 40,000 square foot Storage Warehouse expansion of CubeSmart on Davis.

Please send your comments opposing the CubseSmart expansion:

Jackie Black