Thin Blue Line

Expected November 2017


Have you ever wondered what it is like to put your life on the line everyday to protect and serve your community? Have you wanted to live in the blue line family?

With Thin Blue Line, you now can! Thin Blue Line brings all abilities of being a police officer, directly to your gaming platform!

With game features including traffic stops, vehicle pursuits, ped interactions, ped frisking, ped cuffing, ped searching, and foot pursuits. Choose from multiple departments in Texas and select from multiple uniforms along with patrol vehicles!

With abilities to chill out at your office on the computer, or go to the gun range, Thin Blue Line offers more than basic on-duty abilities!

While on-duty, you can respond to all sorts of dispatched calls such as robbery, grand theft auto, drunk drivers, and many more!

Unlike any game before, we are implementing detective abilities. One may play as a basic detective, or dig further into the adventure and become a specialized homicide detective. Playing as a detective is planned to be more challenging in the fact you must connect the dots and select possible suspects based on the evidence at the crime scene and further leads that may be looked into.

As you patrol the streets of Dallas and other cities of Texas, be prepared to be faced with random events such as homeless individuals causing a disturbance, shots fired, traffic jams that may be directed by the player, motor-vehicle accidents, and more!

Our developers want to give as much realism as possible by including top of the line graphics and high FPS (frames per second) gameplay. We have rendered all our 3D models in the highest possible quality to ensure amazing graphics within our game and have collapsed them into small file sizes to ensure high FPS on almost virtually any gaming rig. Also with realism, our idea and developer team has done many interviews with both local town and state police officers to ensure that we obtain as much realism that can be used and implemented into the game.

We want to give our players as much comfort as possible, and that is why we have decided to make the game fully functionable with multiple different inputs such as computer keyboards, Xbox 360 Controllers, Logitech Wheels, and the Steam Controller. Although this might add a few weeks to production time, we believe users would prefer to be able to use an input of their choice.

Thin Blue Line is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind game. There has never been a fully dedicated police simulator containing all the features that we plan to implement into Thin Blue Line. Our projected cost of purchase right now is to be $20 per copy, and on National Holidays we plan to lower our game to $10 in honor of those who have put their lives on the line in order to protect and serve our communities!


Thin Blue Line is going to be a police simulator with semi-professionalism. We basically want to make a standalone game similar to LCPDFR mod from Grand Theft Auto IV or LSPDFR from Grand Theft Auto V.


Thin Blue Line is currently being developed by NativeXperience

About The Creators

NativeXperience was once a Grand Theft Auto modding development team. They would design vehicle mods and scripting mods. The team eventually wanted to take their police experience and apply it to something bigger, and Thin Blue Line was then created.

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