Watkins Word!

March 23- 27, 2015

Learning from the ASCD Conference

Lots of learning this weekend in Houston. Mrs. Teamann worked the press circuit (and learner) and I worked the learner circuit. I attended sessions on Highly Reliable Organizations with Robert Marzano, Mindset and Grit with Jim Grant, Differentiation and Specific Feedback, Failing Up, and Fundamental Five. I gained an awareness and understanding of Grit, reliability, and differentiation with learning feedback. I learned that kids have to fail before true learning takes place. They have to fail several times in their journey and they have to understand what their goal is before true learning takes place. I look forward to sharing with all of you. I am going to read Robert Marzano's newest book High Reliability Organizations and then look at a plan of action. If anyone would like to read along with me, Let me know!

Right now, Watkins has 61 student responses to the Character and Culture survey. 100% of all 3rd and 4th grade students are required by Dr. Vinson and me to respond. Please have this done by the end of this week!

Congratulations to Whitney Blann! Her proposal to Region 10 Technology Conference in May has been accepted! She and her some of her students will be presenting some of the technology projects they have completed this year! Way to go Whitney! Congratulations to Amy Burnside and Lauren Battenfield and our little Wranglers for representing Watkins so proudly and honorably! Celebrate the Arts was successful!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Report Cards go home

8am: Inner Core Team meeting

2:30pm: Writing Tutoring

6:30 pm: Dual Language Family Night

6:30 pm: Wylie Council of PTA school supply meeting

Friday, March 27, 2015

8am: Morris Brothers K-2

9am: Morris Brother 3 and 4 grades

Last Day of 3rd Nine Weeks

6pm: Boots and Barbeque Good Luck Brandon!