Shimek Library

May 2016

All books due Wednesday, May 18

Please help your child bring all of their library books back to Shimek on or before May 18. Thank you!
The last day to check books out will be May 13.

Author Visit: Jill Esbaum

Jill Esbaum visited the first and second graders at Shimek. Jill is the author of both fiction and nonfiction books for kids. Jill had the children's full attention as she spoke of how she gets ideas for her fiction books; she asks the question, "What if . . .?" Jill is the author of many books for National Georgraphic Kids. She showed us pictures of many fascinating animals that she has researched from around the world. Shimek students especially love her Angry Birds Playground series and her Little Kids First Big Book of . . . series. Jill even gave us one of her books, Stanza. You can find out more about Jill Esbaum and her books at
Many thanks to the generosity of the Shimek PTO that sponsored the author visit and also allowed the library to purchase many of Jill's books for our collection!

Library Learning

Kindergarten: We finished reading our fiction book, Stink: the Incredible Shrinking Kid by Megan McDonald. Stink is a funny kid! In the lab, we finished up the ABC books using KidPix3D, then shared our pages with the other students using a slide show presentation. We also made a hard copy of the book for our classroom. We are going to do a little bit of coding for the last couple of weeks through
First Grade: We read and enjoyed many of Jill Esbaum's books in preparation for her author visit. This week we will be planting seeds in the Shimek garden taken from our pet squash, based on the book Sophie's Squash by Pat Miller.

Second grade: We read many of Jill Esbaum's books in preparation for her visit, and thoroughly enjoyed them. We are now reviewing the organization of the library and the parts of a book.
Third Grade: We finished our animal research and created a KidPix 3D slide show featuring facts about our animal. We also listened to the Jack Prelutsky Poem, Bleezer's Ice Cream and learned a bit about alliteration to celebrate national poetry month. We then made, illustrated and shared our own crazy ice cream flavor names.

Fourth Grade: We have been working on our state research project. This includes learning how to take notes, how to use paper and online sources, how to turn notes into sentences, and how to write a bibliography. Our final project will be either a poster or a Google Slides presentation.
Fifth Grade: We have been focusing on the importance of using clear, concise key words when conducting an internet search. The word "dog" alone finds 1.35 billion responses! We are also reviewing the importance of bibliographies and how to use EasyBib.

Sixth Grade: We are learning about digital citizenship using Digital Compass by Common Sense Media. It is an animated choose-your-own-adventure activity that allows students to experience the triumphs and pitfalls of daily digital life safely. Some of the scenarios are: internet safety, cyber bullying, information literacy, and copyright. Learn more at We are also trying our hand at coding using

Have a great summer of reading!

I will be sending out a Summer Reading S'More full of information about great local summer reading programs, summer reading ideas, and also lists of terrific books for K-2, 3-4, and 5-6. Look for it in a couple of weeks!

We love our library

Let me know if you have any questions - I would be glad to help!
-Linda Johnson, librarian