My Life

Dylan Bragiel

Nour Moukhtar

Ludwig Van Beethoven-- Fur Elise by Nour Moukhtar

September 1999- Walking, 1 year old

Learning how to walk helped me develop my motor skills, and depth perception
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March 2000- Talking, 2.5 years old

Developed by experiencing other people talking and talking to me, it will help me make friends at school.
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October 2001- Breaking my leg, 3 years old

while at pre-school I fell off the monkey bars and broke my legs. I lacked concrete operational thinking. Because I was in the pre-operational stage I had one dimensional thinking, I didn't think it was possible that if I feel off the monkey bars I would injury myself.
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April 2002- Playing T-ball, 4.5 years old

Autonomy, Erickson's Stage 2,Learned I can do things on my own
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September 2003- Starting Kindergarten, 5 years old

Initiative vs guilt, learned that not everything I do is ok, and that I do bad things because sometime I get in trouble Ex. raise your hand
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April 2015- Getting my license, 16 years old

Piaget formal operational thinking. EX. able to understand what to do when someone cuts in front of you.
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Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake) by 17Grammys

June 2017-Graduating High school, 18 years old

Social development, Will I stay connected with my friends after high school.
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September 2017- Starting College, 18 years old

Erikson's identity vs role, Ex. which major will i choose, which clubs will I join
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June 2021- Graduating College, 22 years old

Identity Crisis, will I succeed after college? will my major help me? will I use my major?
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December 2021-Start my own company, 27 years old

starting a construction company, Piaget's formal stage applies, does it make sense to start a company? will it succeed?
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December 2025- buy a house

Formal thinking, just like starting a company, Does it make sense, Do I need this.
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June 2030- Get married, 31 years old

fulfils intimacy isolation, will I share with someone or alone
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Here comes the bride by owaisekmt

July 2031- Become a father, 32 years old

Generally stagnation will I succeed enough to provide for my child
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September 2035-Buy an expensive car, 36 years old

Middle adulthood stage, looking back on my life did I do everything I wanted to
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Beamer, Benz Or Bently by pm199797

September 2055-Give my Son control of my Company, 56 years old

integrity versus despair, being wise enough to know I'm getting old and its hard to run my company still and that my son is old enough to do it
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