Third Grade Loves to Learn

Maple Grove Elementary

October 9, 2015

Water Shed Chaperones

We have been sufficiently blessed with more than enough parent volunteers. We have notifed the parents that will join us. Thank you for your willingness to participate. We promise there will be more field trips this year.

Weekly Academic Overview

Math: Addition and Subtraction - Two-step problems, Unit Assessment on Friday

Reading: "Whose Habitat Is It?" - Main Idea, Supporting Details, Vocabulary

Language: Adverbs, Review all parts of speech

Spelling: Sounds of (th): Voiced (th) - this, rather Voiceless (th): think, math

Technology: Introduce, practice with

Science: Begin Weather unit

Mrs. Self's & Miss Kaba's Contact Information

208/854-5566...Self classroom phone

Mrs. McMullen's Contact Information

208/854-5567...McMullen classroom phone