The Sydney Opera House

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Jorn Utzon is the designer of the Sydney Opera House. He was lucky to design it because his entry was handed in late.He was born on the 9th of April 1918 and died in 2008. He didnt get to see the finished Opera House. Jorn Utzons design was originally put in the discard pile but was reconsidered.


In 1954 to 1955 the NSW government were deciding were to build the Opera House. The commitee chose Bennelong Point for the building site. There was a competition to design the Opera House in 1956 to 1957, the competitors had to enter their design most of the designs were rectangular or circular. Jorn Utzons design was like no other because it had sails as the roof.

Interesting facts

* He figured out how to build the roof in a dream he had.

* In 2007 it was made a UNESCO world heritage site.

*The opening was originaly planed for the 16th of April.

*The project was supposed to cost 7 million dollars but cost 107 million instead.

History of location

The Sydney Opera House is located at Bennelong Point wich was originally aboriginal land, that was named after the aboriginal Bennelong. Bennelong has a rich history at one stage their was a fort that had cannons on the roof and was made out of stone. The fort was made so if Turkish invaders came they could'nt enter the harbour ennelong lived in a hut.

Timeline of construction

*1956 cmpetition began

*1957 competition finished

*1959 they started construction

*1960 the steps were finished

*1963 27,986,000 was donated towards the construction

*2007 it was made a world UNESCO world heritage site

*2008 Jorn Utzon died

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