Cats are AMAZING Communicators!


One way cats communicate is through sounds. (Topic sentence #1)

Details #1-#4
Cats are able to make more than 60 different sounds. Cans can purr softly or wail loudly. Most cats purr when they are happy. Hisses, growls, and screams mean a cat s angry or afraid. A meow can mean a cat is hungry, curious, lonely or saying hello!

Cats also use scents to communicate. (Topic sentence #2)

Details #1-#4
A cat's scent sends signals to other cats and animals. A cat's scent glads are around its mout, on its forehead, and hear the base of its tail. Cats mark their territory with scents that only a few other animals can detect.

Another way cats communicate is with body signals. (Topic sentence #3)

A friendly cat may rub against a person's legs or lick his or her hand. What a cat wants to play or be petted, it may roll on its side and wave a paw in the air. However, if a cat's ears are back and its claws are out, it is ready to fight. Furthermore, when the hair on a cat's back is raised and its back is arched, it is angry or scared. So watch out!

Concluding sentence

In conclusion, cats are an awesome breed of animal! They can communicate in many different ways, including sound, scent, and body signals. So make sure that you are paying attention to what a cat is saying the next time you see one!