Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

By David Lubar

Scott Hudson's first day of high school

Last day of summer is approaching. Scott, Patrick, Mitch and Kyle are going to high school. Unaware of the dangers of Spanish teachers, jocks, and girlfriends. Scott and his friends must survive high school and remain in one piece.

High school in a nut shell

Keep away from seniors, keep away from , juniors. It's probably a good idea to avoid sophomores, too (Lubar, 31).
"If you're friends with a girl in kindergarten, try to stay friends with her when you get older because otherwise she might forget she ever knew you, and she might get so drop-dead gorgeous you don't have the guts to remind her that you once shared a pack of peanut-butter crackers" (Lubar, 31).
Only freshmen and under can read this book, anyone else would be offended.
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One of the best books about high school

Hurry and get this before all the smart freshmen get it off the shelves!

About the Autor

David Lubar is a author of books for teens. He wrote numerous books including the Invasion of the Weenies series. His book "sleeping Freshman Never Lie" has won 12 Literary Awards. He also designed retro games like Frogger on the Gameboy.

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