Crow Country

Chapter 24

The Key Events

  • Sadie and Walter are running straight to the graveyard.
  • Lachie is following them because he caught them breaking into the Mortlock's house, which they were doing to find what Auntie Lily was talking about.
  • Sadie begs the crows for help.
  • When Lachie approaches the crows attack, he tries to knock the crows down.
  • Walter is swallowed in fear and decided to use self-defence. He knocked Lachie out with a hard rock.
  • Sadie and Walter begin to freak out.
  • As Walter begins to run away, Sadie faints.


  • The main theme in this chapter is conflict.
  • Walter and Sadie are running wildly through the woods to get away from Lachie.
  • Walter throws the rock at Lachie. This was violent, an action filled with rage.

"Beside Sadie, Walter stooped and threw something. The clood of dried mud shattered as it hit Lachie on the arm. He shouted out in shock. The bike slewed from under him on the slippery surface, and crashed over, flinging Lachie sideways."

Effective Language

  1. "The crow gave a cry of satisfaction." This is an example of personification. Crow's do not actually cry. This is effective because it gives the readers a clearer description of what the crow's would sound like.
  2. "Blood was pooling beneath Lachie's head."This is grotesque imagery. This, like the example above is a worthwhile english technique that helps put the picture inside the readers head.
  3. "She was falling down a tunnel and everything was black."This piece of writing is a metaphor. It improves the story by adding a writing style that helps to feel what Sadie is feeling.