By: Gabby, Lexi, Lauren, Cheyenne

Part 1- Vocabulary

Imperialism- the extension of a nation's power over other lands.

Protectorate- A political unit that depends on another goverment for its protection.

Indirect Rule- Colonial goverment in which local rulers are allowed to maintain their positions of authority and statues.

Direct Rule- Colonial goverment in which local elites are removed from power and replaced by a new set of officials brought from the mother country.

King Mongkut, King Chulalongkorn- Both promoted Western learning and maintained friendly relations with the major European powers. During the last quarter of the nineteenth century, British and French rivalry threatened to place Thailand under colonial rule. These two ruler prevented that from happening.

Photo: King Mongkut or Rama IV with his son the future King Chulalongkorn

Part 2- Important Laws, Treaties and Events

France forced Vietnam to accept French protection.

French succeeded in making the Vietnamese ruler give up territories in the Mekong River delta.

In 1884 France seized the city of Hanoi and made the Vietnamese Empire a French protectorate.

In the 1880's France extended protection over neighboring Cambodia, Annam, Tonkin, and Laos.

Part 3- Questions

1. Why did the French force Vietnam to accept French protection?

2. The French took control over which countries?

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