Juana Barraza

"The Old Lady Killer"

Presentation by: Gianna Agostino

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Juana Barraza was a Mexican professional wrestler that went by the name of "The Silent Lady". She was also the serial killer behind the murders of, what is estimated to be, dozens of elderly women.

Barraza's victims were women over the age of sixty, she would strangle them and often times steal from them after they were dead. Signs of abuse were also evident at the crime scenes. Later, in trial, she said her motive to kill was her anger towards how her own mother treated her.

During the investigation, it was difficult to trace the crimes back to her because many eyewitnesses believed her to be a man, so a woman was never a person of interest to the authorities.

She was tried in 2008, and confessed to only four murders but was tied to about 50. She was convicted on March 31 with 16 charges of murder, aggravated burglary, and 11 separate counts of murder.

She was found guilty and sentenced to 759 years in jail.