The School Of My Choice

Kansas State University

My First Reason

The first reason I am considering Kansas State University is because it is only 130 miles from Wichita, which would only take 2 hours to drive. I like the idea of not being super close (like WSU) but a good drivable distance away from home. Only being 2 hours away from home will make travel expenses lower, so I would be able to save for more important things. It will also increase the times I will be able to visit home, this includes holidays and special occasions.

My Second Reason

The second reason Kansas State University has my interest is because they have great courses and classes available for interior design students. Some of the classes that have caught my attention are; Design and Behavior in the Interior Environment, Construction Methods and Materials for Interior Design, Computer-Aided Visual Communication in Interior Design, and Environmental Systems for Interior Design, Design for Supportive Environments. They will also teach me to interact well with clients.

My Third Reason

My third reason for attending Kansas State University is the price and the great scholarships that are available for me. The Punman scholarship is $32,000 renewable scholarship over 4 years. Students are eligible with a minimum 32 ACT (1400 SAT) and 3.85 high school GPA. The Foundation Plus scholarship is $12,250 renewable scholarship over 4 years. Students are eligible with a minimum 30 or 31 ACT and 3.6 high school GPA. For the average student 14 hours- 1 semester= $9,695-- 1 year= $19,390.

My Last Reasons

My final few reasons are a little scattered but they are very important to me. K-State offers free tutoring for many classes through the Tutoring Center located in Leasure Hall on campus. They also allow you to choose your roommate if you have someone that they would like to live with. K-State's student payroll for on campus jobs is about $15 million dollars every year, there are tons of jobs to choose from!

My Email To Mr. Bosco

I asked about tutoring, roommates, and campus jobs!

My Parents

My parents thought it was great that we were researching colleges! They really liked the idea of me staying in state because they didn't think I would like to be too far away. They also said they will support me with anything I do!

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