IGTP Newsletter

5th Edition

Where is the CEEDer?

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Deassy is in the MC office now! Do you want to meet her? Do you want to talk to her about Indonesia EPs? Do you want her to share about her AIESEC experience? Do contact her.

Contact Details:

Email: deassy.rizky@aiesec.net

Whatsapp: +6285257078887

Malaysian Mobile No: +601139795024

LC Visit

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So, some might ask what do you do in LC visit? Ice-breaker? Team bonding? My answer is no.

Figo and I have been doing LC visits for Sales education. So, when is your turn? Go bug your LCVP to know your LC visit.


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Peter, who is in charge of Fire-Fighting? Who deals with our Customer Complain? What about customer feedback? Well, Jenna has some badass tool to launch this week.

My Dear LCVPs , Stay tune!

Member Education Materials

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Woah.. What is that? Basically, Figo & Jenna have been working on the member education materials throughout the week. So you will be available to you on the upcoming Monday. Do take note about it!

Global Talent & Global Entrepreneur Proposal Launch

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Peter, I am bored of the old iGTP proposal. What are you going to do about it? Don't worry, we just finish the final draft of the new proposal and ready to be launch. Figo will be sending out to your LCVPs. So, go bug your LCVPs to get the proposals.

Peter is leaving..

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...to Hong Kong! I will be away from 15 Oct till 26 Oct. We will still run operation as usual and I will have a proxy MCVP. I will be there for to facilitate their Fall Conference at the same time, I might meet one of potential TN taker, Education First as well as meeting their LCVP oGTP in order to strengthen the partnership between AIESEC in Hong Kong & AIESEC in Malaysia

Winter Sales Olympics

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October is our month. The only month that we can make most out of it in your term. So, my question to you is what is your action to make this month happen?

Performance Dashboard

Oh no.. performance..

This is the performance dashboard. It is the performance from Oct 5 to 12 Oct 2015

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Time to face reality. Evaluate your own performance.

I do not need to say anything more, but I am going to post a challenge to everyone.

The Challenge

Regardless of your positions, what is the one ACTION that you will take to move iGTP faster, better and stronger in a week?

My action: I will raise 10 by this week.

TO do list

1. LC Bidding

2. LC Visitation

3. NST Coordination & Coaching