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TCOE Teacher Induction Programs- February 2018

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Our Candidates have recently had a few weeks off for winter break. They have:

  • completed half the year and can see the end in sight;
  • gained some coping strategies to manage the problems they may encounter;
  • begun to feel a sense of confidence;
  • begun to focus on curriculum development; and
  • are more optimistic about their capabilities.

For more information regarding The Rejuvenation Phase, as well as the other phases of a new teacher, click here.

Suggestions for supporting your Candidate(s) right now:

  • Explore strategies for checking for understanding. With standardized testing coming up soon, the Candidate may be inclined to rush through material without checking to see if students are learning.
  • Discuss any concerns with the use of time. Focus on the use of instructional time and then focus on time management beyond the classroom.
  • Ensure that the Candidate reminds parents of the upcoming standardized testing. Help them develop a plan for letting parents know what they can do to help create a positive and productive testing environment.

For more ways to support your Candidate this time of year, checkout the February Needs Assessment.

Increase Your Knowledge Base

Learning Opportunities for Your Candidate

REMINDER- The TIPs' Candidate Professional Development requirement is 6 hours. TWO DIFFERENT Professional Development classes for a Minimum of 3 hours per session. At least ONE session must be a TCOE session. The TCOE session may be taken through Teacher Induction Programs, Special Services, ERS, or Choices Safe Schools.
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Next Mindful Mentoring Workshop- Coaching Beliefs

Thursday, Feb. 1st, 4:30pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

Mentors will explore their own beliefs- how we can become conscious of them, how we can change them, so they can support others to become conscious of their belief systems-about children, learning, and so on. This workshop is now full. To register for additional workshops go to the registration page on our website or click here.

The following workshop will be on Coaching Tools March 23. An additional Mindful Mentoring date has been added: Monday, April 16 from 4:30-6:00. *Topic still to be determined.

First Spring Collaboration Meeting- FULL

Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 4:30pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

At the Spring Collaboration Meeting, participants will:

  • Provide feedback on the Mentor/Candidate experience;
  • Conduct a self-assessment of their teaching with the assistance of their Mentor;
  • Work on the Candidate's CTP and/or End of Year Reflection

This meeting is mandatory for both Candidates and Mentors. Candidates should attend this meeting with their Mentor (and vice versa) as this is a collaboration meeting.

Be sure to submit a separate registration for everyone attending.

For a list of all dates go to to the registration tab or click here.

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Our Site Visit is fast approaching: March 13-15. Anticipate an email outlining the accreditation process and the mentor’s role/expectations to be sent out soon.

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