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Celebrations and Summer time!

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by Mrs. Jackie Ward
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Feature Teacher, Mrs. Jackie Ward

Jackie shares some thoughts with us about finding JOY in the MOMENT. Just push "PLAY". When the dust settles, I hope you'll take time to celebrate and reflect on your journey this year.


by Jackie Ward

I find it hilarious when I think back to the question my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Bullock, asked us, "So class, what will you do when you grow up?" In that moment, my crazy brain thought and thought. Tracy said, "Doctor" because of her dad. Elizabeth said, "Lawyer" because of her dad. Jamie said, "Drink wine" because of her mom. And I said, "I will be a cartoonist and Indy Car driver on the side, because I'll most likely have some free time to do other things." In that moment I knew I was different (and so did Mr. Bullock.)

I guess if I had to give a title to this Featured Teacher article, a "Macro concept" for you HA peeps, it would have to be the word "MOMENTS".

It is a privilege to be writing to you fellow colleagues. I am equally as happy this is written and that I don't have to double up on deodorant to speak live in front of an audience. When Megan gave me the assignment, I stood still in that moment and began over analyzing what in the world do I have to say to you? It seems more serious than Mr. Bullock's fifth grade question.

In my current moment I feel like there is so much being thrown at us these days, no matter what part of your day you're in - teacher, parent, spouse. Are you trying this app out? Did you read that book? Did you remember to pick up cilantro for dinner? Did you send in lunch money or sign the permission slip? Yes, yes, yes, I think so...oops! Lunch Money!

So many of my professional moments mixed with my personal moments leaves me feeling a bit like Dori in Finding Nemo - I just try to keep swimming. We desire to be the best teachers for our students and sometimes feel down that we cannot do it all.

But then something great happens when we are with the little ones we serve. We get to experience the BEST moments. You know the ones. Like those sweet notes that get left on your desk for example. (Insert the picture of of you drawn with no neck, clown make up, and a flower dress) "Mrs. Ward is the best techer in the world!" You think how sweet, and she almost spelled “teacher" correctly!

We cherish those kind of moments because know we are appreciated.

We also adore the moments where the littles make you laugh. And laugh hard! I learned this year that: "Johnny Appleseed is from Fart Wayne, Indiana." (PG example of some of the funnies I have laughed about this year.)

Recently, during a moment at inside recess, I chose to not worry about grading the latest writing assignment, getting on a website to check student progress, or work on my weekly S'more newsletter. It all began in a moment when a student asked me to play with him. He was building a Lego boat. Of course I want to build a Lego boat! Another group of students were creating little dolls out of sticky notes. I joined my buddy in the Lego boat creation then another friend came up to give me one of her paper dolls. All of a sudden our Lego moment morphed into us creating good guys and bad guys out of sticky notes that the little friend taught us how to make. I loved making my guys (because, I was going to be a cartoonist after all). I sat in that moment and laughed at his little voice pretending to be a bad guy; repeating some of my phrases I said just a moment before.

The world of education is ever-changing. For those who've been around for a while, it seems faster than ever. We, as teachers, will always have new things to learn and change - whether we agree with them or not. Let us not lose sight of the things that really matter - our connections with the little people we serve. Be still in the moment. Let us not forget to prioritize their feelings and self worth; making them the most important data we analyze. Let us find the courage to just stop worrying about everything we are not doing, find time to laugh, and enjoy as many moments with these little people as we can.
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Dates to Remember for Optional Summer Professional Staff Development

Summer Time!

Teachers need time to unwind and relax! No tired like end of year tired, right!? !

However, many of you will look to find small chunks of times for professional growth. I've included some of those opportunities below.

  • May 30, 31, and June 1 - Reading Units of Study for BSE and GES teachers

Click Here to access the link to Sign Up Genius - Reading Units of Study Optional PD Sessions.

  • June 15th - EDM 102, Modules 4-6, 8:30-11:30 OR 12:30-3:30
  • June 22nd - Susan O'Connell Math in Practice Workshop 12:30-3:30 pm

    Hamilton Southeastern High School

    CCA Cafeteria

  • August 1st - EDM 101 8:30-11:30 and EDM 102 12:30-3:30