Why this is a problem?

Alcoholism is a major issue in adults primarily in this country. Alcoholism is a problem if you are struggling to raise a child because that child will receive a poor childhood and upbringing because of the parent's poor influence. Many alcoholics will often physically abuse their children or family members when they have had too much to drink. This can create serious depression for the child or family member of an alcoholic and their depression and sadness can lead to a poor future.

Binge Drinking and Alcoholism what is the difference?

Binge Drinkers and Alcoholics can be confused easily. Binge Drinkers tend to consume a substantial amount of alcohol in one sitting. Alcoholics are addicted to alcohol and are constantly drinking around the clock.
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What is happening in your Brain?

This is an image of how alcohol effects the brain in individual stages as you can see. The process is very gradual, but it can eventually result in the destruction of brain cells and essentially a very large risk to your life. When you think about it your brain is basically your own personal computer therefore if it is damaged the aftermath or effects can be especially detrimental to you.
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Alcoholism Statstics

As you can see in the data above, an addiction to alcohol can start in children and adolescents quite early. As you can see 23.1 % of the youth report underage drinking in the past 30 days and 49.2% report they have been drinking in the past year. Underage drinking is especially harmful because it can ruin your future. For example if you are a teenager at a party where there is alcohol, and you make a wrong choice by getting into a vehicle with another intoxicated individual; the chances of crashing and becoming severely injured or even killed are very high in this circumstance.