Marco Polo

By: Brooke Hughes

Marco Polo's background.

Marco was born 1254 into a noble merchant family, in Italy Venice. His dad died when he was only years old. before Marcos dad died, his dad and his uncle were well received in china by the mongol Prince Kublai Khan in 1266. Marco was raised by his mother and other members of the family he had two brothers named Nicolo,and Maffeo. When Marco grew up he became very loyal and he was very interested in adventures.

Marco Polo's achievements and discoveries.

Marco was one of the first most famous people to ravel to Asia during the middle ages. But Marcos biggest achievement was when he traveled the silk road with his father in 1271. Also in 1271 at age 17 his dream came true, with a letter in reply from pope Gregory with valuable gifts. After all that they decided to head south and eastwards to end up at the mouth of the Persian gulf. From there they journeyed towards north and east. After all that in 1292 him and his father and his uncle returned home. A little after he returned home he captured and put into a Genoese prison.

Some pictures from Marcos adventures.