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So much more than mathematics videos. Learn how to assist students in enrolling into a course of study that will keep them engaged and moving forward in mathematics improvement. Check out KHAN ACADEMY for more information.

JAN 10th, Session ID: 44363

or JAN 22nd, Session ID: 44364

Time: 4-6pm, Fee: $50

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1 hour of independent study)

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ROBOTICS Preview Workshop

Using the LEGO NXT robotics kit and programming. Enhance STEM education in the classroom. This will be a hands-on training where you will actually build a robot. You will make inroads into understanding the role that robotics can play in a STEM program that includes mathematics and science learning. This workshop is the predecessor to a more thorough training onsite or at your building. This overview is simply a window into what the possibilities of robotics can be. Join us as explore together. Check out ROBOTICS WORKSHOP online for more information.

JAN 12th, Saturday

Session ID: 44700

Time: 10 - 2pm, Fee: $65

Clock Hours: 4

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iPad - Batteries Included!

Includes wireless 16GB iPad 3, cover, workbook and training. Other devices w/promo code: iPad Mini (MINI) and iPad2 (IPAD2). Check out IPAD CLASSES online (and click on iPad Batteries Included) for more information.

JAN 17th

Session ID: 44636

Time: 4-8pm, Fee: $669 Batteries Incl, $50 (own iPad), $449 iPad Mini, $569 iPad 2

Clock Hours: 4

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iPadinar Series

5 webinars on different topics offered from January 2013 through February 2013. Teachers will choose at least 3 webinars to attend but may attend all sessions if the choose. Check out IPAD CLASSES online (and click on iPadinar) for more information.

JAN 23rd Orientation (Required)

Session ID: 44916

Time: 7-8pm, Fee: $50 for series

Clock Hours: Up to 5

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Microsoft - Word Basics AND Tables, Calendars, Templates & More!

WORD BASICS: Learn to create visually rich documents (newsletters, brochures, correspondence, templates, etc) fast. Discover Word’s 'tools' giving users the ability to easily work/format text, shapes, pictures, and more in documents. We don't stop there....Word is loaded with tips and tricks to make your life (and students) easier! Teacher note: Learn how to integrate Word software into your practice as students work to meet the CCSS standards for ELA.

JAN 23rd

Session ID: 44187

Time: 4-6pm, Fee: $50

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1 hour of independent study)

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WORD TABLES, CALENDARS, TEMPLATES & MORE! Learn to create and navigate tables in word for organizing information. Discover and use the calendar wizard to create calendars. Why create documents from scratch when you can use templates? Learn how to create and save your own templates or find templates online.

JAN 24th

Session ID: 44785

Time: 4-6pm, Fee: $50

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1 hour of independent study)

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FOSS Science Kit Training - "Earth Materials"

FOSS The Earth Materials module consists of four sequential investigations dealing with observable characteristics of solid materials from the earth—rocks and minerals. The focus is on taking materials apart to find what they are made of and putting materials together to better understand their properties. The module introduces fundamental concepts in earth science and takes advantage of the students’ intrinsic interest in the subject matter and in the physical world around them. Check out FOSS EARTH MATERIALS online for more information.

JAN 24th

Session ID: 44529

Time: 9-3pm, Fee: $100/$50/$25

Clock Hours: 6

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Comparing e Readers!

We will compare the Nexxus, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD, Nook, iPad, and Samsung. Have one? Bring it or use our demos. Check out E READERS online for more information.

JAN 29th

Session ID: 44815

Time: 4-5:30pm, Fee: $30

Clock Hours: 3 (1.5 face-to-face w/1.5 hrs of independent study)

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Join us for lively online interactions that will account for the available clock hours in this book study. You will read, write, think about, and participate in online discussion forums as well as at least one GoToMeeting discussion about these featured books. Check out ONLINE BOOK STUDIES for more information.

FEB 1st - MAR 31st

Many titles available, Fee: $75 ea

Clock Hours: varies per book

Check out: ONLINE BOOK STUDIES for more information

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Check out our Winter 2013 Brochure for more classes!