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January 23, 2015

AR Update

I am currently in the process of looking over reports for the second nine weeks to determine students who have met their AR goal. Once I have all numbers, we will decide on dates and times based on the number of students that can participate.

In looking at AR, here's a few numbers I thought I would share.

* To date, KMMS students have read and tested on 10,134 AR books this school year.

*That's a total of 173,677,127 words!

Remember that when taking AR, students should strive to have an overall average percent correct of 85. Only 65% of our students are achieving this- 71% in 8th grade, and 59% in 7th grade. Please discuss books and articles with students before you send them to test, and closely monitor those that are below 85 by looking at AR reports weekly. Once a students drops below 85 it is very difficult to bring their score back up. Students will often wait until the last minute to try and correct this, or will stop reading altogether. I will be more than happy to help conference with students or help students find books to read that will bring them success.

AR Success!

Finding success with AR is one of the biggest components of the program. If you spend a little time with a student who is struggling with AR, motivate them and let them see success, they will become driven to succeed on their own.

A good example of this is a student in Mrs. Clinard's reading WIN group. He took no tests the first nine weeks of school. With Mrs. Clinard's help and encouragement to just get him started with some books that I sent for her to use in the room, he not only exceeded his point goal for the second nine weeks, but he was reading at 40 Lexile points higher than his range, with 85.3% correct! All but one of the books he tested on were read independently. Not only did he see success with second nine weeks, but he has already taken a few tests for third nine weeks!

I know that in a smaller WIN group, Mrs. Clinard has an advantage that not everyone has. However, once they begin to succeed, not all, but most will run with this on their own. We have several students that did not test second nine weeks. Let me know if you would like some books to help get them started!


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Help students meet the Common Core with these common-sense lessons and activities from master teacher Marilyn Pryle. She shares simple practices—such as the Quote Wall, Genre Index, and Allusion Wall of Fame—that can be woven seamlessly into your weekly routine to develop deep reading habits. She also presents engaging reading response activities that prompt students to interact with text in meaningful ways, close reading to trace character development, explore relationships between events and ideas, discern point of view, discover themes, and so much more! Scholastic Publishers, 2014.

AR 360

Accelerated Reader 360 is an upgrade to Accelerated Reader that we now have currently available this year with a free trial. 360 Supports independent reading practice through the use of nonfiction texts and being able to cite evidence in the text. Look for more information soon, but feel free to get a head start by looking over what is available by logging into Renaissance.


I am looking to adjust our magazine subscriptions to purchase those that we will use. We currently subscribe to Scholastic Instructor Magazine. Email me with the names of any other professional magazines you would like to see us add, as well as any magazines for students you think we could use.

We have a few new student magazines that were added this year. Teen Ink, Girls Life, and ESPN have been hits! Any time you are looking for a reward, you are more than welcome to send students for some couch and magazine time in the library.

Book Fair

Monday, Feb. 2nd, 8am to Friday, Feb. 6th, 2pm

KMMS Media Center

Book Fair will run February 2-6 from 8 am-2pm each day.

Our Online fair will open tomorrow, January 24, and will end on February 13. Remember these items will be shipped free of charge to the school. See the link below to enter the school online fair.

School Spelling Bee

Friday, Feb. 13th, 9am

KMMS Media Center

Congratulations to our school spelling bee winners!

Dewi Eagan

Sloan Gaultney

Seth Kennedy

D'Asia Seright

Nia Smith

Joey Stalker

Rexen Venevongsoth

Savannah Willis

Please note the date and time of the spelling bee, as the media center will be closed during that time.