Lobo News

January 2023

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome back our Lobos for Semester 2 and are looking forward to a bright future. Our teachers have been spending time working as grade level teams to look at the best academic and social emotional supports for each of our students. They have been examining test data and student work samples to plan quality instruction and activities for this new semester. Administration is excited to meet with students to hold our second Expectations Assembly where we will discuss with our students, the key points of being a lobo and How to conduct themselves with LOBO Pride - and earn pride points for our Lobo Store! As a reminder We highly encourage our students to strive for a 2.0 or higher so they are able to participate in our many school activities. Homework Club and Tutoring are available after school Monday - Thursday in Room 43.
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Upcoming Events


13th - Report Cards sent home

19th (am) - 5th Grade visit during the school day

19th (pm) - 5th Grade Parent Information meeting @ 5:00pm

25th - 8th Grade Photos

Character Trait of the Month

For the month of January, Lobos are Honorable.

Lobos are worthy of trust. We tell the truth. We have a strong sense of fairness. We don’t shift the blame to others or make excuses. We take responsibility for our own actions and accept the consequences of our choices.

Counselor's Corner

Happy New Year from the Counselors! We have had a very busy and exciting first semester. We are applying to become a RAMP counseling department. The Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) recognizes schools committed to delivering comprehensive, data-informed school counseling programs aligned with the ASCA National Model framework.

Our commitment is to provide all students with information and help with social emotional needs, college and career readiness and academic support. We are doing this through small groups, individual meetings and classroom lessons. Our lessons thus far have focused on anti-bullying, growth mindset, how to be a successful student and high school requirements and pathways. This is the first time our students will be receiving such a comprehensive program throughout their time at Los Alisos. We now have three counselors and a Wellness Coordinator that provides us with the resources to do this. We are excited and determined to serve our students and help them become successful and engaged learners.

Wellness Center

January Focus - Goal Setting

Goal setting refers to the process of setting specific, attainable targets for individuals or groups. It is a motivational technique which can help the employees to understand the business goals, and motivate them to rise to the challenges.

-Students will be encouraged to make realistic goals for the semester i.e grades, communication with others, and problem solving conflict.

Student Activities and Events

Back at it!

Congratulations are in order, for our Los Alisos Middle School Department is back in full swing! On Thursday, December 15, 2022, on stage at the iconic Excelsior Auditorium, our Lobo Guitar, Orchestra, and Band students gave their first legitimate concert (and a joint one at that!) since December of 2019. Guitar students played selections from The Nutcracker, while the Orchestra and Bands (Beginning and Advanced) performed holiday and non-holiday pieces. Over 90 students came together, dressed in their concert best and festive attire, to give this wonderful and warm concert! Of interest to note is the fact that Advanced Band performed Grades 1.5 and Grade 2 musical literature, whereas in April of 2022 students were performing at Grade 0.5. The 51 students of the Advanced Band come from three (3) different class periods, and only combined to rehearse together just two days before the concert. A magnificent job was done by all! Bravo!

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AVID Spotlight

Focused NoteTaking

AVID’s focused note-taking process has five phases. It is important to note that while applying learning is the last phase of the process, it is essential that it inform the first phase, as the note-taking format should be shaped by the note-taking purpose. When teaching the focused note-taking process, teachers determine how students will use their notes and set up the format appropriately. It is crucial for educators to model and invite students to engage in this thought process so that note-taking becomes a powerful and portable learning tool students can carry with them throughout their educational experience. Parents can work with her students to help them review these notes and use them to study and prepare for upcoming assessments

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Academic Pathway Spotlight

Los Alisos Garden

The Los Alisos Community Garden Club has had an eventful year filled with love of gardening. With 60 students registered in the club this year, the club has a mission statement of, "Nutrition, Education, Empowerment, and a Healthier Lifestyle" to the local community that Los Alisos Middle School has the pleasure of serving. Meeting this goal, garden club members collaborated with Los Alisos' ELAC committee to bring the community together in the Dia De Los Muertos y Harvest Festival event. This event brought hundreds of local community members together to celebrate food, family, life, and cultural ties that bring us together.