Need New Resources?

Please remember that if you need additional resources to enhance your curriculum or as an addition to something being read in class, please let a member of the LMC Staff know about it.

We are always looking for titles to add to the catalog and to better support topics and materials being taught in the classroom.

Please remember that we can always sample online database trials that are made available through most database companies. If you have utilized an online database that you enjoyed or felt was worthwhile, we are always happy to locate a trial subscription for you or your classes.

Looking to Display Student Work?

If you wish to display projects or work completed by your students, please secure one of the displays available in in front of the LMC. While we display our latest purchases all year long, we are always happy to have student work displayed in our glass enclosures.

Please give us a little time in advance so we can dismantle the displays we've already created and we'll gladly give you the space you need.

Latest Additions...

Please examine the latest additions to our catalog...

Online Databases

As you continue to conduct your research this year, please continue to utilize the databases purchased by the school district. Remember that the databases are available through the Schoolwires LMC page as well as through our LMC group in Schoology.

Packets are available along with the passwords to access the resources there.

If you have any questions about locating our databases, please ask.

We have copies of the database packets and the passwords already copied if you need copies.

Eye on Gale Resources

In our Gale Resources, a number of databases can be accessed for research. In addition to the Gale Virtual Reference Library, users can access Custom Newspapers, Opposing Viewpoints and Litfinder, as well.

All resources can be cross searched.

Custom Newspapers--A resource that provides users with the ability to access regional newspapers through the Gale platform.

Gale Virtual Reference Library--A collection of specialized reference books and encyclopedias that can be searched through Gale or through the Follett Destiny online catalog.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context--Presents many hot topics and illustrates different sides to each topic, drawing information from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers. Additionally, there are useful states, and images that are all easily connected and searchable.

Litfinder for Schools--Presents over 150,000 works from world literature and artists from the around the world in a variety of formats.

With additional searching, biographies, primary sources and works, overviews and multimedia can be obtained as well.

Please check out Gale's useful tutorials.

Reference--Materials You May Wish to Examine...

Word Mysteries and Histories: From Quiche to Humble Pie--(REF 422.03)--obtain interesting facts about five-hundred words in the English language with pictures of fascinating wood engravings that accompany some of the words in the collection.

Emily Post's Etiquette, 16th Edition--(REF 395 POS)--An excellent guide and resource for decades, Emily Post's Etiquette, written by Peggy Post provides a guide to the proper conduct to most situations that modern civil life might present. Looking for the appropriate way to eat corn-on-the-cob? Need to know the best way to treat in-house employees? To define the best way to deal with a marriage situation?

Peggy Post provides proper solutions to those situations and others one might wish to address.