WWII and the Holocaust

By Carlos Araujo


ADOLF Hitler was a chancellor in Germany that rose to power during the 1940s. He is mot notoriously known for killing more than 6 million people, most of which were Jewish. He was a dictator that believed that Jewish people deserved to die and spread infamous propaganda about them.


The instability created by the First World War led to a second war. World War Two began with the unprecedented attack on Poland by Germany. The war officially began when the Prime Minister of Britain declared war on Germany in September of 1939. The war involved many countries with two sides, the Axis and the Allied forces.



Death of a Minority

The Holocaust is most infamously known as the murder of over six million Jews. This was caused by much tension and propaganda sprouted by big people who had a huge influence on the country, such as Hitler. They were usually separated from their families and put on boxcars, and shipped to death factories known as concentration camps. Trips in the boxcar could take as long as 10 days. The boxcars were very small and usually had around 80 people in a single car. These trips were dangerous because there was no food, water, or toilet. Jews were forced to stand in these for many days. When they arrived at the camps, they were usually separated into the healthy and the ones who were unable to work. Those who couldn't work, such as babies and mothers were often sent to the gas chambers immediately. Others were forced to be slaves and worked in hard labor all day.


We learn about the Holocaust and World War Two because we need to remember. It is important to remember what took place at that time so we know what not to do. People who are uneducated with history, tend to repeat it. We should pay our respects to the innocent millions who were murdered. They never got to leave peacefully. That is why we learn.