"G'day Mate"

"The Beginning"

A continent, as well as a country, named Australia was formed when some of the southern Asians arrived by raft and canoe to the this wanderful place. 50 million years ago ,like always, Evolution took place separating Australia from the world's other continents. Its Isolation allowed species of animals that had disappeared elsewhere to survive and flourish here. Separated from the other species in Australia kangaroos wonder the grassy lands instead of antelope. Over 2 million people live in Australia.This includes 100 aboriginal groups, such as the koori tribe of the southeast and the Nyoongah of the southeast. Whatever their origins, the people of Australia have become famous for their own distinctive national character. Relaxed, friendly, and irreverent are some of the adjectives frequently used to describe them. In general, Australians enjoy one of the world's highest standards of living. More than 70 percent are homeowners, and most residences are fully equipped with modern appliances. About half of the citizens own at least one car.
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